Mardi 9 Avril 2013

[size=150]THE CHEMICALS[/size] (Portland, USA)

"All the way from Portland, Oregon it’s time for THE CHEMICALS first European tour!
For people who’ve invested a lot of time and energy mapping the vast, complicated genome of the local punk community, Portland’s Chemicals are something of a supergroup. Comprising members of Cyclops, Triggers, Sleepwalkers, RIP and Straitjacket—among countless others—the band plays loose-limbed garage punk, free of frills but not without surprises: Check out « No Reason to Stay, » from recently released second album For Real, For Life, Forever or Whatever, with its basically two songs, with two different tempos, ingeniously fused together by a ripping bass solo. It’s powerful stuff, sounding like the product of lifers who’ve been around the dirty, trash-strewn block a few times. "

[size=150]SNOB VALUE[/size] (Allemagne)

[size=150]DULAC[/size] (Allemagne)

à La Mécanique Ondulatoire
8 Passage Thiéré
75011 Paris
métro Bastille ou Ledru-Rollin

20h30 / 8 euros

UP c’est ce soir !

J’ai bien aimé The Chemicals et Dulac, mais Snob Value, aie aie aie ça tue!

putain, le set des CHEMICALS !
ma réconciliation avec le garage :slight_smile:
et une des soirées de l’année pour moi :slight_smile:

c’est pas garage the Chemicals…

c’est pour ça que j’ai kiffé alors !