We need a show in either Lyon or Clermont-Ferrand or somewhere in the area on Saturday the 30th of January. I know it’s on a pretty short notice, but there were other people that said that they would book us shows, but in the end they couldn’t help out anyway. So I was wondering if you would be able to help us out. If not, no problem. Please let me know if something is possible.

Of course we bring a complete backline (no PA) with us and share basics with other bands.
Music is still on and more stuff on

si ya un lyonnais qui veut/peut les incorporer a une orga ou quoi, je passe juste le mot!

Hey, again a message about the Antillectual tour.

The 30th is fixed but we are looking for one more show in France. On Saturday the 13th of February we are looking for a show somewhere on our way from La Rochelle to Lille. We are open to all suggestions. If you want to help us out, please send us an email at info[a] or on

Tom and Antillectual