voila j’ai découvert ca aujourd’hui grace à pedro et je me demandait si bcp de monde connaissait ici. c’est du genre strike anywhere, propaghandi, etc…

par ici pour la page officielle avec 2 mp3 en dl libre pour ceux que ca intéresse.

Ba alors… ça fait un bail qu’on en parle pourtant…
Y avait un sujet sur eux mais avec les problemes du forum il a été effacé.
Ils seront sur la 2eme compil 95 district. :slight_smile:

bah c cool tout ca

ils tournent pas bientot ?

si j’avais fait un thread la dessus
voila ce que j’avais recu


i’m yvo and i play in Antillectual, a political melodic punkrock band from holland in the style of propagandhi, strike anywhere, hot water music etc… we just put out our first full-length and we’re busy playing as much as possible.
we’re looking for shows in france in november and i was hoping you could help us out?

to give you an impression about our band][/url]

  • we toured in europe in february of 2004.
  • we did a 3 week eastcoast usa tour in the summer of 2004.
  • we did a tour in europe in march 2005.
  • we shared the stage with bands like ignite, strung out, the lawrence arm’s, against me!, undeclinable, face tomorrow and so on.
    we ask for a plate of vegan food, a floor to sleep on and some gas-money. we’re able to bring a backline so that’s no problem.
    please let us know if you can help us out. feel free to contact us if you have any questions. feel free to visit our website ( to see what we’re about. i hope to hear from you soon!

thank you for your time! take care, yvo"