Arrivages permanents, ventes flash, soldes de printemps.. (Distro D.I.M./100% profit)

(* = new stuff)


3,5€ et +

ABOLITION “Jesus was a fuckin dick”-Equality/Homemade (GER)-89 (6t) : Old brutal HxC with metal and influences, grey wax! 4€
AT ANY COST “Power of the mind”-Back ta basics (USA)-96 (3t) : Slow and dark death metallic NYH, think to One last sin.
BACKLASH “Second coming”-Back ta basics (USA) (3t) : Old school hardcore mixed with post NYHC, original.
COMIN CORRECT/DIRTNAP “Split”-Back ta basics (USA)-95 (4t) : NYHC bleuargh for CC, more punk stuff for Dirtnap.
*DEAD END “Killing the messenger”-625/Bridge/Underestimated (SWE)-01 (9t) : Fast HC with melodies ala early Fastbreak. 4€
EYE 2 EYE/GROUNDZERO “Split”-Back ta basics (USA) (4t) : Slow and dark metallic hardcore ala All out war.
FISTICUFFS “Riot association”-Fistfight (USA) (6t) : Brutal and fast hardcore ala Infest.
*INSTILLED “Unfinished business”-State of mind (USA)-05 (7t) : Slow and brutal modern hardcore with a NYHC touch.
JUST US “S/T”-Deathbox (GER)-95 (5t) : If you like Germany and Cro Mags, you’ll like this shit.
LANDFILL « S/T »-DIY (NY)-93 (2t) : Old pessimistic metal HxC in the NY tradition… Green wax!
MAJORITY OF ONE/INTRICATE “Live in Europe”- Lund castle core (USA/GER)-91 (6t) : 90’s old school hxc live with covers. 5€
MIND OVER MATTER “S/T”-Wreck age (NY)-92 (4t) : Original & torturate 90’s NYHC.
MUDDLEHEAD/SHORTFUSE “Split”-Back ta basics (USA) (5t) : NYHC, Bulldoze style.
MURDER SUICIDE PACT “Lobotomy kit”-Burrito (USA)-98 (4t) : Brutal punk hardcore across Negative Approach and Poison idea, clear wax!
NO COMPROMISE/STRENGTH/COMIN CORRECT “Split”-Back ta basics (USA/JAP) (5t) : Aggressive NYHC, CC covers Negative Approach haha.
*OPERATION EAT SHIT/YOUSSOUF TODAY “Split”-Wee wee/Emergence (FR)-06 (10t) : Old time hardcore punk for OES & typical fastcore for YS.
OUT OF SPITE “Split”-Back ta basics (USA) (4t) : Miami brutal NYHC style, representin’ blablabla.
RESERVE 34 “S/T”-Moo cow (CAN)-98 (7t) : Cool old school hardcore with a dose of punk and modernity.
SLUDGE “S/T”-True strength (NY)-98 (2t) : Heavy & silly metal HxC, green wax!
*STRENGTH IN NUMBERS “The youth”-Underestimated (USA) (6t) : Typical 90’s youth crew hardcore ala Ten Yard Fight, red wax. 4€
*SUPERSLEUTH “The hate divides”-Underestimated (USA) (4t) : Intense hardcore with emo hints, limited edition, 12/14. 4€
TERRORAIN “1988 Demo”-Burrito (UK)-88/90 (7t) : Ggggrrrrr… for fans of Siege, Deep Wound, Infest or other melo sound ha ha! Grey wax!
TEST OF TIME “Refugee”-Inner rage (USA)-91 (4t) : Really good HxC between Bold energy and No escape intensity, hé hé!
THE BAD FORM “S/T”-Mad at the world (USA)-00 (5t) : Angry and powerful old school hardcore.
*THE PURPOSE “Art as a weapon”-Underestimated (USA) (4t) : Pre-modern hardcore between youth crew and melodies with long long lyrics, it’s a limited test press. 5€
*THE REAL ENEMY “Attack!”-Underestimated (USA) (7t) : First effort for this good political and powerful hardcore band, comes with a big booklet.
THE REAL ENEMY “Too little…too late”-625/Underestimated (USA) (5t) : Between old school hardcore, modern crap and thrashcore style, good stuff!
WAR TIME MANNER/TWO BY FOUR “Split”-Back ta basics (USA) (5t) : Pre-Hatebreed metalcore stuff.
*WEAR THE MARK “Thrown the wolves”-Straight on (USA) (4t) : Bridge 9 style of hardcore, a cross between old school, modern and heavy moshing stuff. 4€
V/A-SKULLS (Tear it up/Real shit/A.vo/Outcold/Yawp!/Seein’ red/Milkman/Neighbors/Rawride/Creeping jesus/Deadstare) Kangaroo (12t) : Furious hardcore!!!


ACREDINE “S/T”-Vacation house (ITA)-97 (5t) : Old school melodic punk hardcore. 4€
*BEST DEFENSE “Six gun justice”-Haunted town/Pure impact (USA)-99 (12t) : 1987-1990 material for this American oi! band ala Bruisers, Youth Defense League. 15€
BIONIC “S/T”-Double A (GER)-90 (4t) : Cool punk HxC, slow or mid tempo, with a few guitar masturbations! 3€
BLATANT YOBS “Step aside”-CR (GER)-89 (15t) : Great old European hardcore with a RKL feeling, skate & thrash! 11€
CANIBUS “Mic-nificent/Phuk U”-Universal (USA)-00 (5t) : NY street rap. 4€
CLONMACNOISE ‘Memorie e colpe’-Step ahead (ITA)-98 (10t) : Brutal HxC, not too metal. 5€
CROWD OF ISOLATED “I try to tell about a way”-X-mist (GER)-87 (12t) : Old european hardcore punk style. 6€
DEVIATED INSTINCT “Guttural breath”-Peaceville (UK)-89 (10t) : Interesting dark crust metal, frightened! 6€
DISRESPECT “Eternal mayhem”-Mad mob (GER)-98 (10t) : Brutal new school hardcore similar to Hatebreed and Clevo sound. 9€
DOZEN FACE ‘Lost ground’-Snoop (GER)-91 (4t) : Good old melodic HxC. 3€
FILAMENTS “Skulls & trombones”-Rural muzik (UK)-02 (9t) : Great streetpunk with trumpets, not ska! 8€
LUDICHRIST “Powertrip”-Relativity/We bite (USA)-88 (11t) : Famous Ny thrash metal hardcore crossover with fun, nikes and caps! 10€
*MOUTHPIECE “What was said”-New age (USA)-94 (9t) : Classic straight edge hardcore between old & new school. 15€
ONCLE SLAM “First attack”-Jungle hop (FR)-89 (11t) : First NYHC band from France! They later fomed Hate Force, don’t miss it, rare record. 15€
PESTPOCKEN/BAD NASTY “Split”-TSOR/Kanal hysterik (GER/FR)-02 (16t) : Good fast and aggressive punk hardcore with 2 sung for P. and French punk rock for B.D. 8€
PHANTASIX “Im reich des schwachsinns”-KO (GER)-89 (8t) : Old german punkcore r’n’r stuff. 5€
RADICAL DEVELOPMENT”S/T”-Navigator (GER)-94 (8t) : Brutal HxC with heavy breaks or other good angry speed parts. 5€
RAT PACK “S/T”-Mystic (USA)-90 (12t) : Rare hardcore LP with a California rock feeling and Sex pistols + Motorhead covers! 15€
SCATTERBRAIN “Here comes trouble”-In effect (NY)-90 (12t) : Metallic hardcore fusion between Cro Mags, Leeway & Suicidal. 9€
SWAMPSURFERS “Varied food for lost minds”-Hageland (BEL)-87 (12t) : Old Belgian HC punk band between melodic Angry Samoans stuff and Bad Religion. 9€
THE SOLUTION “Wall of hits”-Bords de seine (JAP)-05 (11t) : Great Japanese streetpunk with reminiscences of Cock Sparrer. 9€
TINY GIANTS “The best I can”-Strive/X-mist (GER)-92 (6t) : Excellent moshing and brutal early european NYHC with a Cro-mags feeling. 7€
V/A-OLD SKARS & UPSTARTS (Hunns/Publis toys/Stitches/US bombs/Union 13/Vigilantes/River city rebels…) Radio blast (30t) : Double LP, Streetpunk & a poster! 15€
WHITE KAPS “Blown in the USA”-Fearless (USA)-93 (20t) : Cool Cali hardcore with thrash and rock influences, think Suicidal Tendencies, DK and RKL. 12€



187 “One eight seven”-Snoop (USA)-96 (16t) : Gangsta groovy NY hardcore style. 7€
25 TA LIFE “Best of friends enemies”-AOV (USA)-03 (8t) : Well-known NYHC, Agnostic & Minor Threat’s covers. 7€
44DTC “Marre de leurs conneries”-Wake up! (FR)-05 (7t) : At last the mini album of this good French funny NYHC band, dance hard or die! 7€
5 DE MENOS “Avanzado”-Direccion positiva/78 life (ARG)-03 (13t) : Angry old school NYHC in the vein of Judge. 7€
ADJUDGEMENT “Information fallen to rock bottom”-Vacation house (GER)-02 (19t) : Good and original old to new school Hxc with a BURN cover! 7€
ALARMA SOCIAL “Vinilos”-Fragment (SPA)-00 (24t) : Old spannish hardcore punk band from 1992. 8€
ARRACH “Alternatives”-Trauma social (FR)-04 (10t) : Very original french hardcore punk. 6€
BANDOG “My time is at hand”-MDC (GER)-95 (15t) : Brutal hardcore with oi! influences, Discipline owe them all! 7€
BETWEEN THE LINES “Wake up call”-Funtime (BEL)-03 (11t) : Good brutal old school hardcore with Cro-Mags & Kill Your Idols influences. 8€
BIO HAZARD “No holds barred – Live in Europe”-Roadrunner (USA)-97 (24t) : All the hits of this NYC fusion tattooed band. 8€
BLASTMAT “MCMLXXXIV”-DIY (USA)-02 (10t) : Old styled hardcore from Connecticut with metallic influences and Sanity Assassins, White Pigs members. 7€
BOLT “Collision course”-Fullhouse (FIN)-00 (9t) : Brutal, angry and moshing NYHC from Finland. 6€
BOLT “Deep within”-Fullhouse (FIN)-03 (13t) : Brutal, angry and moshing NYHC from Finland. 8€
BRIDGEBURNER “The singles collection 1986-1992”-Genet (BEL) (8t) : Rare and old punk hardcore from Belgium, think Fear, DK, etc. 7€
*BUNKUM “Still drunk”-Eternalis (FR)-06 (11t) : French zeros playing excellent Hardcore with rock’n’roll & NYHC influences, angriness and arrogance! 10€
CAN’T DECIDE “Discography”-Boss tuneage (UK)-04 (27t) : Great late 80’s HC band from England, Fugazi + Verbal assault influences. 8€
CENTRAL NERVOUS SYSTEM “Reality check”-We Bite (UK)-94 (8t) : Original dark and low metallic hardcore with a beatbox and hip hop influences. 6€
CIVIL DEFENSE “S/T”-Striving for togetherness (USA)-03 (7t) : All-star Boston band play Negative Approach kind of hardcore. 7€
CONGRESS “Resurrection”-Goodlife (BEL)-03 (11t) : Last album of the H8000 heavy metalcore heroes. 8€
CRAWLSPACE “Don’t get mad…get even!”-RPP (BEL)-98 (6t) : Heavy and dark metallic hardcore, training pants style. 6€
DARK INTENTIONS “Remorse will die today”-Pure & simple (GER)-05 (5t) : Brutal mosh metal ala Born from pain. 6€
DISRESPECT “Hit the ceiling”-Hardboiled (GER)-00 (9t) : Metallic hardcore similar to Merauder. 7€
DISTURB “The last resort”-LOF (FR) (7t) : Metallic HxC with dancing parts. 6€
EMPIRE “Antiquated abstinence hardcore with no defiency disease”-Fire at will (GER)-98 (10t) : Nice & cliché revival youth crew hardcore. 7€
ESCUELA DE ODIO « EP’s 1994-1996 »-Fragment (SPA) (10t) : Brutal old school NYHC very influenced by Agnostic Front & Madball, the first recordings. 8€
ESCUELA DE ODIO « El sueño de los que no duermen »-Santa grial (SPA)-00 (14t) : Brutal old school NYHC very influenced by Agnostic Front, the first album. 8€
FACTION ZERO “Liberation”-IJT (USA)-97 (17t) : Excellent old school HYHC fast and positive, get it ! 7€
*FOR THE REAL “S/T”-Hardcoretrooper (FR)-06 (10t) : Great angry NYHC that smells the street, Cro-Mags cover. 7€
FRAGMENT X “Straight edge”-Fragment (SPA)-97 (5t) : I have never seen so much X on a record, youth crew shit, Youth of Today & NFAA covers. 5€
FULL IN YOUR FACE “S/T”-Evertone (FR)-04 (5t) : NYHC mixed with heavy rock. 5€
FULLSTOP “2001 fullstop odyssey”-Hannibal’s/Condor (SWI)-01 (13t) : Brutal & metallic Hardcore from swiss with 2 rap featurings, yo! 8€
GONNA FALL HARD “Slap by Gandhi”-Countdown (ITA)-04 (7t) : Old styled hardcore with thrash influences and angriness. 5€
GRIP “Friction burn fatal”-New age (USA)-93 (4t) : Straight edge moshcore ala Chokehold, Downcast. 4€
GROWING CONCERN “Never fades away”-SOA (ITA)-97 (7t) : Old school melodic hardcore similar to Ignite. 7€
HATEBREED “Under the knife”-Grapes of wrath (USA) (7t) : The European vesion of the famous first records of the metalstarcore band! 8€
HEADED NOWHERE “7 songs and a cover”-Countdown (ITA) -04 (8t) : Old NYHC style with an A.F. cover, “Are you friend or foe?!”. 6€
I “One word”-Let it burn (GER)-00 (7t) : Good & original modern hardcore. 6€
I STILL BELIEVE “Guns, bitches & drugs”-Rudeboi (FR)-05 (11t) : Rad hardcore punk, the French F-Minus! 7€
IDEM “Old times pride”-Backside (SPA) (9t) : Spanish old school hardcore raised with the Revelation records, one Judge cover. 6€
INCURED “Stand as one”-Prawda (SWI)-98 (11t) : Angry NYHC similar to the Kickback beginning. 8€
INNER DAM “When angels fall”-RPP (USA) (11t) : Powerful metallic HxC between Integrity, Indecision and the other In- 90’s metalcore acts. 8€
INTOLERANCE “Disocgrafia 1990-1994”-Don’t belong (SPA)-00 (25t) : Angry and commited old school NYHC band, nice digipack. 8€
KEVLAR HC “Enduring scar”-Vacation house (ITA)-01 (11t) : Brutal NYHC not unlike Madball & Killing Time. 6€
LAST MAN STANDING “Still the same over the years”-Vacation house (ITA)-97 (12t) : Incredible rip-off of the O.C. hardcore bands, Unity, Uniform Choice, Ignite. 8€
MADBALL “N.Y.H.C.”-GSR (NY)-04 (4t) : The return of the most known NYHC band, 4 tracks before their alst “Legacy” full length. 5€
MM “Changes”-U scream (HOL)-03 (12t) : Great old school hardcore that reminds me Vision, Ignite or Speak 714. 8€
N.A.O.P. “Full contact”-Hardboiled (GER)-99 (14t) : A kind of Right Direction, but more aggressive! Not bad. 8€
NEVER FACE DEFEAT “Remember your heartbeat”-DRA (GER)-02 (5t) : Boring metalcore ala Hatebreed. 5€
NEW SOCIETY OF ANARCHISTS “Come out swingin”-Turkey Vulture (USA)-04 (11t) : Blasting hardcore between NY stuff or crossover bands like SOD. 7€
NEXT STEP UP “Fall from grace”-Gain ground (USA)-95 (12t) : Classic brutal and metallic NYHC stuff from the mid-90’s, Black Sabbath cover! 8€
NIP DRIVERS “Destroy Whitey/Oh blessed freaked show”-Taang! (USA)-00 (28t) : 1984’s diverse hardcore punk with a Duran Duran cover ,Great!! 9€
NO MORE FEAR “Walkin’ on”-Youth crew (ITA)-01 (8t) : Classic positive old school straight edge hardcore. 6€
OMITED GR “Nucleo duro”-Spoc bonds (POR)-02 (11t) : Excellent NYHC with an old school flavour like Breakdown. 7€
ON POINT “Demo”-C.I. (USA)-88 (4t) : Philadelphia late 80’s rough straight edge hardcore, rare stuff! 7€
ON THE OUTSIDE “S/T”-Thorp (USA)-05 (10t) : Brutal and moshing hardcore very similar to Terror. 8€
ONE DAY CLOSER “Songs of silence”-Coalition (HOL)-97 (9t) = Good HxC between old & new school, mix Mainstrike & Spawn héhé! 7€
O.U.T.S.I.D.E. “A change of life”-Siton (BEL)-97 (9t) : Original cross between Euro NYHC and old school style. 6€
OUT TO WIN “Beg for life”-Filled with hate (USA)-05 (10t) : Brassknuckles, wolves and brutal moshing hardcore. 8€
PERMANENT STYLE/PUNCHLINE “Songs for the unclean”-Burnside (AUS) (10t) : Traditional tough NYHC ala OAC, Spider Crew from Austria. 7€
PROOF “S/T”-Mad mob (GER)-97 (9t) : Brutal and moshing NYHC, good stuff. 7€
PROUD OF IGNORANCE „Letters in blood“-DIY (AUS) (6t) : Very brutal and heavy beatdown hardcore by the tattooed skinheads from Vienna. 6€
PUNCHLINE „Keep your friends close“-Keep the spirit alive/Burnside (AUT)-03 (14t) : Brutal and angry NYHC not unlike Madball. 7€
RADICAL NOISE „14 more reasons to burn us down“-SOA (TUR)-97 (14t) : Brutal hardcore from Turkey! 5 €
RAW POWER „Still screaming (after 20 years)“-Mass prod (ITA)-02 (17t) : The oldest european hardcore punk band still alive, hardcore’n’roll! 8€
RECEIPT „The time is now“-Equality (ITA)-02 (7t) : Brutal Judge influenced old school hardcore from Roma. 6€
SECOND AGE „A plea for recognition“-Sanctuary (POL)-99 (7t) : Great old school hardcore very similar to Youth Of Today with a Bold cover. 6€
SECOND AGE „The tides have turned“-Refuse (POL)-01 (12t) : Great Youth Of Today old school hardcore rip-off with a YOT cover. 8€
SHEAR „Heat from the sun“-Mele marce (ITA) (7t) : NYHC style not unlike Southpaw, Born or Shutdown stuff. 5€
SHIVER EFFECT “S/T“-DIY (FR)-04 (11t) : Punk hardcore from Paris with a cover of Joy Division, cool! 6€
SIX FEET DITCH „Face of death“-Rucktion (UK)-03 (6t) : Brutal and heavy beatdown hardcore with angry sung. 7€
SKY’Z THE LIMIT „Eleven“-36 chambaz (GER )-00 (6t) : Brutal old school NYHC influenced by Cro-Mags. 5€
SLAM SQUAD „Sould“-Carved in stone (HOL) (7t) : Early 90’s Brutal HxC with fast thrash and NYHC parts. 6€
*SLEDGEHAMMER „Your arsonist“-Martyr (USA)-04 (88t) : Dwid of Integirty is back with a crazy & noxious metallic hardcore band, evil! 5€
SLOWCOACH „Spread the fury“-BCS (FR)-01 (6t) : Brutal metallic HxC with inside Conflict members. 5€
STAND AS ONE „Doubt“-DIY (GER) (6t) : Chaotic 90’s NYHCstyle. 5€
*STEP ON IT „Street folklore“-Alternative/Extreme response/AMA (HUN)-04 (19t) : Fast and moshing metallic hardcore ala Infest, Citizens Arrest + G.I. covers, youpi! 8€
STERBEHILFE „47 menschen, ein wunsch“-RSR (GER)-00 (21t) : Grindcore madness, incredible voice! 6€
STRENGTH “Till death do us part”-Handa & company (JAP) (10t) : Heavy beatdown hardcore from Asia, grrrrr! 8€
SUBZERO « Happiness without peace »-Century media (NY)-97 (13t) : Excellent groovy NYHC album of the 90’s, original and varied. 9€
TAKE SHIT BACK “Too late for apologies…”-Rudeboi (FR)-04 (13t) : Old school punk hardcore, swedish style. Nice digipack. 8€
TAPPAT “Still believe”-Aurich (GER)-96 (10t) : Pre youth crew hardcore revival, PC pitstops justice! 7€
THE JABS “Time of negligence”-Straits (SING)-97 (6t) : Singapore Hardcore, angry and powerful, grrr! 5€
TINY GIANTS “The planet’s words”-Dread naught (GER)-94 (12t) : Mid 90’s slow, dark and metallic NYHC. 7€
*TROMATIZED YOUTH “Nantes pride”-Hardcoretrooper (FR)-06 (12t) : The revelation of 2006, crazy old school moshing hardcore, get it or die punks! 5€
ULTIMO GOBIERNO “Sigo soñando”-Backside (SPA)-00 (12t) : Old latino hardcore punk with thrash and oi! influences, 1987-1991. 8€
UNDERGROUND SOCIETY “Dreadful days”-Garmonbozia (FR)-01 (10t) : Famous heavy metallic hardcore from KDS city! 9€
UNFIT 2 LIFE “Who wants peace he’s getting ready to fight”-Disagree (FR)-00 (6t) : The French answer to Sheer Terro, Brutal NYHC style and a 4 skins cover. 7€
VIEJA ESCUELA “Tremendos demos”-78life/Firme y alerta (ARG) (42t) : Old school hardcore fury from Argentina, U.C., Minor Threat, Misfits, YOT & 7 seconds covers! 7€
VOMITOSE “Ode”-Noise product (SWI)-94 (10t) : A big melting pot with metal, rock, blues, punk, hardcore and some more in a digipack, not bad! 5€
*V/A-46 COVERTUNE EXPLOSIONS (One life crew/Battery/Youth of today/Integrity/In your face/SOIA/Judge/F.U.’s/Iron cross…) L&F-99 (46t) : Hardcore covers! 2CD 12€
A CALL FOR UNITY PART 3 (Strength for a reason/Eye to eye/25 ta life/Stampin ground/Knuckledust/OAC/A step apart…) Back ta basics (24t) : NYHC worldwide. 8€
V/A-AND THE NIGHTMARE BEGINS (Bounz the ball/Woof/New ground/Not enough/Swellbellys…) ENR/Hot Cheese (25t) : Wordwide Hxc comp with mostly NY/old school stuff. 6€
V/A-EVOLUCION BOGOTA HARDCORE (Pitbull/Caracter/Nueva actitud/RAZA/Reaccion propia/Abismo…) Direccion positiva/Persistensia/DHC-02 (24t) : Brutal NYHC! 8€
V/A-EXPRESSO HC VOL.2 (Negative control/Jason/The rabbits/Protesto suburbano/Problem childrem/Head up…)-Inconformados (24t) : South American various HC punk. 6€
V/A-NEW TOOLS FOR THE HUNTER (Mindsnare/Drawback/Force fed 9/Fahrenheit 451/Pitfall/Ceasefire…) First blood-97 (20t) : Australian NYHC in full effect! 8€
V/A-STEP TO THE PLATE (Down my throat/Denied/Full court press/Strength for a reason) Thornz- 00 (16t) : Brutal and groovy NYHC, with a lot of bonus. 9€
V/A-STILL GOING STRONG (Blood for blood/AF/Vision/Stars & stripes/On the rise/Slumlords/Tech-9/Slapshot/Krutch/Uppercut…) I Scream-04 : NYHC worldwide! 6€
WITH ONE INTENT “Leaving it all behind”-RPP (USA)-98 (6t) : Brutal & Dark NYHC ala mid 90’s stuff! 6€
WOPTIME “Live at El paso”-DIY (ITA)-02 (18t) : Hot & Brutal NYHC live with a Cro-Mags cover! 7€
WOPTIME “Mi vida loca”-Brutus (ITA)-04 (9t) : Brutal sexual NYHC between Blood For Blood & Madball. 7€
YUPPICIDE “Live”-AKW (NY)-95 (12t) : Cult NYHC punk live in Germany with a Negative Approach cover, youhou ! 7€


ACTION DIRECTE “La nouvelle conspiration”-Réseau au fil (FR)-01 (14t) : Good mix of punk & oi ! with ska hints. 7€
ANAL THUNDER “Cheap wine and quality wine”-Hell’s tone (FIN)-03 (6t) : Finnish porno melodic streetpunk. 3€
ANTIBODY “Progrès?”-Musicanard (FR)-02 (14t) : Hardcore punk from the westside with a girl at voice. 7€
ART DEGENERE “Un monde devenu fou”-DIY (SWI)-05 (14t) : Swiss commited punk sung in french. 3€
BAD RIOT “S/T”-Combat rock (FR)-04 (7t) : Nice streetpunk with influences from the UK and Sweden. 5€
BANNER OF THUGS “First feat of arms”-Bouncing sole (HOL)-02 (12t) : Brutal Oi! with hardcore influences, Bruisers + Elvis Presley covers! 8€
BLOODY SODS “Don’t give up the fight”-Madskull (HOL)-00 (16t) : Aggressive streetpunk with hardcore influences. 8€
BOYS ON THE DOCKS/STRIKING YOUTH “Union is strength”-Omado (KOR)-01 (14t) : South Korea Oi! mixed with hardcore, from Last Resort to Warzone. 8€
DIEGO PALLAVAS “S/T”-Kanal Hysterik (FR)-05 (15t) : Classic french punk rock along the tradition. 7€
DOA “War on 45”-Sudden death (CAN)-05 (18t) : Dead Or Alive singles from 1979 to 2005, punk hardcore to the point ! 9€
DUAP “Solo per noi”-Oi! strike (ITA)-01 (12t) : Great aggressive oi! with hardcore hints ala Colonna Infame or Nabat. 8€
*EJECTES “Nightklubup/Clash-cash”-Les disques du tigre (FR)-05 (43t) : Double CD of this reggae-ska-punk band on the way of LSD with an entire Clash tribute album! 12€
EMSCHERKURVE 77 “Die macht vom niederrhein”-Knocked-out (GER)-01(4t) : Cool beer streetpunk with a Pogues cover and a football chant. 4€
ESCAPE « Pouvoir liquide »-Trauma social (FR)-03 (10t) : Nice punk rock with good melodies. 7€
EX-CATHEDRA “2x4=”-Tartan (UK)-02 (12t) : Clash’s “Combat rock” type punk. 6€
F-MINUS “Wake up screaming”-Hellcat (USA)-03 (15t) : Angrypunk hardcore style with crust influences and a Chaos UK cover. 8€
FRAKTURE “Check point”-West sound (BZH)-04 (18t) : Old punk rock wave from Rennes 1980, sung in German/English/French, rare & excellent! 9€
HANOVER SAINTS “Truth rings out”-Facedown (USA)-02 (13t) : This is not christian metal but good US streetpunk, check it! 8€
HORS SERVICE “Punk manifiesta”-Pourvu xa dure (FR)-04 (12t) : French punk rock with reagge influences that reminds les Partisans. 7€
*HUNCHBACKS “Don’t touch at my records!”-Dead dog (FR)-05 (13t) : Good French punk rock with garage and rock’n’roll influences. 7€
IN THE SHIT “A world of…”-Mass prod (UK)-03 (11t) : Old styled hardcore punk from Wales with Heresy and Varukers influences. 7€
KATILLERS “Souvenirs de France…”-Noco (FR)-01 (14t) : Nice paris punk/oi! wit ha kind of nostalgy. 7€
KTS « Tapage nocturne »-Let’s go (FR)-04 (6t) : Nice streetpunk with hardcore influences, Rambouillet represent ! 6€
LA MERMA “Saludo al tirano”-Cochebomba (MEX)-02 (4t) : Nice acoustic south american punk. 7€
*LA MEUTE “Aux abois”-Trauma social (FR)-05 (14t) : Good punk with hardcore influences and a girl sung, don’t rely on the name ! 7€
LECSA PUNK “10 years against oppression”-Kanivo chaos/Maloka (HUN)-03 (20t) : Old Hungary punk hardcore with Discharge influences. 7€
*MOUTH SEWN SHUT “Pandemic=solution”-Rodent popsicle (USA)-06 (12t) : Crazy punk hardcore stuff, mix Discharge, Napalm Death, Siege & Conflict! 8€
NEVROTIC EXPLOSION “The world”-Enragé (FR)-05 (13t) : Fresh punk rock with a bit of reggae made in Brittany, no dogs, no beers, just Clash punk impact! 8€
OPCIO K-95 “Terra cremada”-Fire & flames (SPA)-04 (13t) : Aggressive communist Oi! from Spain. 8€
OVERDOSE T.V. “Rockin’ class kids”-Combat rock (FR)-04 (12t) : Original dark streetpunk from Bordeaux with an Eskorbuto cover. 7€
PASCOW “Geschichten, die einer schrieb…”-Cargo/Plastic bomb (GER)-05 (13t) : Great german punk rock not unlike Terrorgrüppe. 8€
PROTEX BLUE „Muckrackin“-Sauf imprévu/Small budget/Shark attack (FR)-00 (8t) : French punk rock with ska & reggae hints, think to Clash or Ruts. 6€
QUARK „J’ai croqué un pigeon congelé cette nuit“-DIY (FR)-06 (11t) : A kind of psychedelic noise rock, sung in english. 5€
SKUNK ALLSTARS „Bleeding hearts & smiling faces“-Wolverine (GER)-02 (13t) : Original ska punk with a lot of influences (Rap, reggae, hardcore, etc…), not bad! 7€
SNAP-HER „Queen bitch of rock & roll“-Rhythm vicar (USA)-00 (17t) : Punk, rock’n’roll, girls, sex and a Rosa Tatto cover. 8€
SOUTHERN WAY „S/T“-Rebellion (HOL)-03 (13t) : Great band across Psychobilly, hardcore and streetpunk, fresh! 8€
*SPRAY BACK „La vie en rose“-Rural muzik (FR)-05 (11t) : Dark punk rock from Brest with ska hints, nice digipack. 8€
THE AGITATORS “Meeting the lads”-Street anthem (BEL)-03 (10t) : Excellent streetpunk with a melodic voice. 7€
THE ANALOGS “Trucizna”-Jimmy jazz (POL)-02 (14t) : Excellent streetpunk from Poland, 4 Skins, Cock Sparrer & Ramones covers. 8€
THE BLASTED ANGELS “Riot radio”-DIY (FR)-05 -8t) : Punk rock from the east with oi! and rock’n’roll influences. 5€
THE HEROINES “Groupie “-Wolverine (GER)-02 (13t) : Nice punk rock girls band ala Lunachicks, Snap-Her, one bonus video. 8€
THE PILLOCKS “No good for nothing”-Bad dog (GER)-99 (15t) : Scato & alcoholic streetpunk from Germany. 8€
THE PISS SHIVERS “Hepped up on goofballs”-DIY (USA)-97 (8t) : Goofy punk ala Ramones. 3€
THE PROWLERS “Chaos in the city”-Kob/Mad butcher (CAN) (5t) : Nice streetpunk with a 4 Skins cover. 5€
THE TABLOID PLAY/THE BLOODLINE “Split”-Brutus (JAP/ITA)-03 (11t) : Nice split with Italian rock’n’oi! Bloodline and Japanese streetpunk’s Tabloid Play. 7€
THE TRADITIONNALS “Dead society”-Impact (USA)-03 (12t) : Excellent melodic streetpunk with a Motorhead cover. 8€
THEE MUCKRACKERS S.E. “S/T”-Bankrobber (FR) (12t) : Nice old punk rock style with reggae influences ala Clash, Ruts. 8€
UNION JACK “You don’t really know who I am”-Beer (FR)-04 (6t) : Punk ska ala Choking Victim with scratches and a Beastie Boys feeling, original! 5€
URBAN BLIGHT/STERBEHILFE “Les banques ça se ferme, les banquiers ça s’enferme”-SIS (HOL/GER)-99 (20t) : One man punk band VS crazy fast thrash noise. 6€
USUAL SUSPECTS “Garvaghy road”-Combat rock (FR)-02 (12t) : French streetpunk with melodies and UK influences. 8€
USUAL SUSPECTS “Sur les murs”-Combat rock (FR)-04 (6t) : French streetpunk with melodies and UK influences. 5€
V/A-BRABANTIA NOSTRA (Discipline/Razorblade/Knockdown/Tech-9/Badlands/Squalor/Banner of thugs…) Rebellion-03 (25t) : South Holland Oi!, Punk & Hardcore. 7€
V/A-MUCHO MAS CHAOS (The filaments/BBK/Body bag/Beans) Hannibal-03 (12t) : Cool split with streetpunk, skapunk, hardcore ska and Hellcat punk. 7€
V/A-SCHUBUMKEHR ZWEI (Rentokill/The Bakunins/Bounz the ball/Antimaniax/Toxic toy/Determination…) Rise or rust-05 (20t) : Punk, Hardcore, ska and a bonus video. 5€
WASTED “Heroes amongst thieves”-Combat rock industry/Boss tuneage (FIN)-04 (12t) : The finnish answer to Rancid, Hellcat punk rock style. 8€
YOUTH GONE MAD “Pollenate”-Panx (USA)-95 (30t) : Weird wave punk band somewhere between Devo, ramones & Blondie! 6€


MC HAMMER “The hits”-EMI (USA)-00 (17t) : Fantastic old school Rap hits haha, u can touch this for 6€ !
THE STREETS “Original pirate material”-Pure groove (UK)-01 (14t) : Posi electro rap stuff before the bobo invasion. 7€
TTC “Ceci n’est pas un disque”-Big dada (FR)-02 (12t) : French leader of the ‘conscious rap’, funny lyrics and sound before the drama. 9€
V/A-27100 CONNEXION (Doox Dad/Sk’lybur/DJ Xyz/Les sens ciel/Hasko/Rafton/Rimsa/Djagota/Homicide volontaire) Mix’age-06 (15t) : Evreux Rap on the map! 6€
V/A-PERU SONIDOS URBANO 1 (Fucking clan/3er escuadra/AF clan/Teoremas/Clan urbano/Radikal people/Dominio/Mr Lirico…)-DIY : Rap from Peru, yo! 3€



*10 MINUTES LATER “All our pain is you”-DIY (JAP) (3t) : Modern hardcore. 2€
ISB “Fuck you Jesus”-DIY (FR)-03 (6t) : Punk hardcore from Troyes with a Slapshot cover! 2€
NO DENIAL “Crossing, beyond illusions currents”-Crucial response (HOL)-04 (6t) : Classic European Cro-Mags hardcore rip-off. 5€
NO MORE FEAR “A matter of choice”-Handprint (ITA)-05 (12t) : Classic positive old school straight edge hardcore. 3€
PROJECT MAD “Demo”-DIY (KOR)-03 (7t) : Aggressive and moshy brutal hardcore between Cleveland, NY and Boston. 3€
*SEQUOIA/LIU KANG “Split”-Eternalis/Zone 6 (FR/UK)-06 (9t) : Modern hardcore mixed with metal mixed with emo mixed with my space. 5€
SPACE TO BEING “Demo”-DIY (CZ)-01 (8t) : Fast and crazy thrashcore, Charles Bronson & Infest covers! 2€
*STAND FAST “Social zombie”-DIY (FR)-05 (8t) : French punk hardcore sung in English. 3€
STRIKE FIRST “Chant down Babylon”-Crucial response (HOL)-04 (8t) : Classic European Cro-Mags hardcore rip-off. 5€
*STUBBORN “Settling of scores”-Eternalis (FR)-06 (10t) : Brutal metal hardcore from Vendée tough guys, similar to Kickback. 6€
TOE TAG “Reality”-Cherry disc (USA)-93 (9t) : Boston hardcore that reminds me a more diversified Slapshot. 5€
UNFIT “Somewhere between heaven &hell…”-Disagree (FR)-03 (8t) : Brutal NYHC from Marseille, Sheer Terror style, great cover. 6€
V/A-ONLY THE STRONG MCMXCIX (No Innocent Victim/Vision/Inhuman/Kill Your Idols/Agnostic/Built 2 Last/Hoods…) Victory-99 (14t) : Excellent HxC comp! 7€


AGITATION PROPAGANDE “Quel combat?”-DIY (FR)-03 (4t) : Dirty red-wing oi!, Chaos En France style. 3€
BAYSIDE “A death grip on yesterday”-Victory (USA)-06 (10t) : Emo, rock, indie, guitar, sitting music, CD + DVD, unsealed. 7€
BUTTER BEANS “The golden guidon spirit”-6sons/Such hard (BZH)-00 (8t) : Classic ska punk with two voices. 2€
CAPTAIN BOOTBOIS! “All for one and one for all”-DIY (KOR) (4t) : Brutal Oi! from the Korea skinhead crew. 3€
CAPTAIN BOOTBOIS! “Stand up youth”-DIY (KOR) (6t) : Brutal Oi! from the Korea skinhead crew. 3€
CERVELLI STANKI “La volpe e il cane”-Anfibio (ITA) (13t) : Nice streetpunk ala KK, Los Fastidios with hard rock hints ala Slade! 5€
FLEE THE SEEN “Doubt becomes the new addiction”-Facedown (USA)-06 (11t) : I dare not listen to it, suicidal emo chaotic blabla. 5€
HEATSEEKER “Working”-Kofprod (FR)-06 (7t) : An original mix between punk, hardcore and rock. 2€
KNOCKDOWN “The game is ours”-Rebellion (HOL)-01 (11t) : Great streetpunk ala Brusisers but with a fucking Ramones cover. 6€
KTS “Légende urbaine”-DIY (FR)-00 (8t) : Nice streetpunk with modern and Chaos en France influences. 4€
*KTS “La nuit nous appartient”-Let’s go (FR)-06 (2t) : 2 tracks of french streetpunk before the new full-lenght in 2007. 3€
MICKEY PORNO “Demo”-DIY (FR) (4t) : Classic French Oi! from Tours. 3€
NERVOUS CHILLIN “The kid & liberty”-U scream (BEL)-03 (9t) : Rancid streetpunk rip-off from Belgium. 4€
OUELO “L’alpha et l’omega”-DIY (FR)-05 (12t) : Funny electro punk with political lyrics. 2€
POISON IVY “Cosmic trash”-Planet trash (SWI)-97 (17t) : Loud and heavy punk rock with r’n’r influences. 3€
RAIVOPAAT „Uudesti syntynyt“-Face (FIN)-03 (8t) : Punk rock classics (The jam, Cock Sparrer, Generation X, etc…) covered in finnish language, fun! 4€
REJECTED YOUTH “No police state coalition”-MSM1279 (GER)-04 (8t) : Great streetpunk ala Rancid, lives at CBGB’s + video bonus. 5€
REJECTED YOUTH “Angry kids”-MSM1279 (GER)-05 (16t) : Great streetpunk ala Rancid, digipack album. 6€
SMOKING POPES “At metro”-Victory (USA)-06 (23t) : Double CD, emo, indie rock, Atari Teenage Riot, Fall Out Boy, Chicago, unsealed. 7€
STOCKYARD STOICKS “Resistance”-MSM1279 (USA)-04 (14t) : Streetpunk melodic from NY ala rancid, Swiggin Utters. 6€
THE FORECAST “Late night conversations”-Victory (USA)-05 (10t) : Emo, indie-rock, punk… I don’t care! 2€
THE SHOCKS “Banned from the USA”-Dirty faces (GER)-04 (7t) : Excellent punk rock 77 with bonus videos. 5€
V/A-L’INCROYABLE COMPILATION (D.I.D./Missticrock/Lucido/Marechale Putain/Celine Dion/Betty Boots/Aknoledge) Trydent : Punk, HC & metal from the dirty south! 4€
WHERE THE BAD BOYS ROCK (Mad sin/Revolvers/Bones/Adam west/Generators/Forgotten/Venerea/Meteors…) Prison-03 (24t) : 2CD, worldwide punk & r’n’r. 7€

TAPE (2€)

ABSURD “S/T”-Zima (POL) (9t) : Strange and slow punk from the dark side of Europe, hin hin hiiinnn.
HATE “XXI century”-Hate (BOL)-96 (7t) : Hate + metal + hardcore + South America.
N.V.U. ‘A v noci jet ma…”-Strilek (CZ)-96 (14t) : Professional punky r’n’r stuff from the east.


V/A-LIVE AT CSA DIROKKATA (Chemical Posse, X-Rated, Cyb, Destitutes, Upsetting)-90’s (90mn) : Punk, rock and HxC show in an italian castle! 4€
HOW TO SKATEBOARD BETTER (25mn)-Thrasher (97) : Useful for kids who want to ameliorate their basic trips, teached by good pro skaters. 6€
TRICK TIPS (25mn)-Transworld (98) : Famous Powell pro skater Willy Santos teach us great tricks like 3-6 flip or backside tailslide on dreaming spots, cool tape. 7€


*CRUCIAL ACTION #1 : 86 Mentality, Cinder, Abusive Action, Western Addiction, Bombardiers, Déjà Mort, L’Heretic, Floorpunch. 1€
*HEY YO! #10 : Rap zine, A Tribe Called Quest, O.C., Main Flow, Klub Des Loosers, La Rumeur, Gasface Fanzine +++ CD 3€
THANX FOR NOTHING #3 (in English) : Madball/H2O, Reign Of Terror, Not Just Words Records +++ CD sampler 2,5€

que de la mere enculé

d’ailleurs le f minus m’a appartenu il fut un temps
sachez le

fais donc mon chèque toi, traitre

Le mouthpiece a 9 euros, ok?

je te prends le miles away

le mouthpiece est à 15, il en vaut bien moins vu comment c’est pourri mais je le baisse pas : )

tu dois te tromper, j’ai pas ça

ct une blague lol

t’aurais pu prendre un groupe bien pour ta blague ptdr

le mouthpiece à 9.69 ?


NB = Breaker


non plus

J arrive pas a croire ke le zine de matt est ka 1 euros alors ke vos fanzines de rue sont a plus de 2,50 !
Business , Business !

En même temps… Y’a de la pub dans le sien…
Enfin je dis ça, je dis rien

En meme temps le sien il a une reliure … c pas des pages plier en deux !!!

c’est imprimé et y’a de la pub
qu’est ce que tu veux là ?

Et calme toi mon p’tit rod !
Je te signale kon va passer 1 journee voiture + 5 jours de campement + 1 journee de voiture , et tout ca ENSEMBLE !
Cela dis rapport qualite/prix le zine de Matt vaut plus k un euro … mais ca c est mon avis !