BRIXTON ROBBERS (canada) / SWING IN CLASS HERO (ch)Need a show in /Dijon/Nevers

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On recherche toujours des shows pour la tournée, le 1 et 2 décembre prêt de Dijon/Nevers/Besançon/Belfort .
Egalement le 5 prêt de Lyon/St Etienne/Grenoble.
Des idées ?
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Merci d’avance !

Mer17- Québec w/ Sainte-Catherines
Jeu18- Avion débarquement à PARIS
Sam20- Paris w/ PO BOX –
Dim21- Hazerbrouck w/ BLACK SHEEP+NICHIELS
Lun22 – Belgique / Leven
Mar23- Answerp, Belgique
Mer24- Amsterdam, Hollande
Jeu25- Allemagne
Ven26- Allemagne
Sam27- Allemagne
Dim28- Allemagne

Mar30- Strasbourg
Mer1- [color=DarkRed]Need Help !
Jeu2- [color=DarkRed]Need Help !
Ven3- France/ St gervais
Sam4- genève, tikis
Dim5- [color=DarkRed]Need Help !
Lun6- chamébry – brinc de zinc
Mar7- marseille
Mer8- perpignan
Jeu9- pau
Ven10- montauban

[size=134]BRIXTON ROBBERS[/size]
Bio:Experts in the punk rock domain, in shows that rapidly turn into drunken ragers,BRIXTON ROBBERS return with a new name, a record and a rm intention oftaking over the world.They play ska, the play punk with some touches of Rock n’ Roll, also dipping intosome hardcore and reggae, but most of all they play fast and don’t plan onslowing down anytime soon. Having played over 150 shows across Canada andthe USA with such bands as UK Subs, Streetlight Manifesto, The Planet Smashers,Nick Charbonneau, Mark Lamoureux, Max Ledoux, and Matt Huot oer a newdenition of ska-punk.It is four years after it’s formation that the band nally enters the studio to recorda full length record. Through sweat, swears and a few (many) bucks came 13songs that show the band’s evolution and chemistry with a mix of fast paced andfestive songs all of which are delivered through gritty vocals.The band put the record together with some of the scene’s nest. First o preproduction was done by Mitch Girio (The Planet Smashers, The Kingpins, OneNight Band) and the recording by Steve Rizun (The Flatliners, Ill Scarlett, TheCreepshow). Rocks and Cranes was later released on Big Wheel Records onAugust 28th 2009 and then by Guerilla Asso in Europe in early 2010.

[size=134]THE SWING CLASS HERO [/size]

Bio: The Swing In Class Hero is a Punk Rock trio formed in Geneva (Switzerland) in 2005. The band is built on true friendship an a same need: to flee evreyday’s life with music! Quickly, they recorded their first album « Everything At 10 » and started playing wherever people would listen to them, accoss Switzerland, France and Great-Britain.They played with bands like « Far From Finished », « No Use For A Name », « The Peacocks », "The Flatliners"or « Ska-P » to name the most known. Above all, they met a lot of new friends and great bands… Having fun is the only rule.2010, the band is pleased to share his music and his convictions with a new EP, titled « insecure ». The boys are on the road in Europe.


Ils ne seront à priori pas en Allemagne le 27 novembre mais à Luxembourg ville…


Heu par contre le 20 novembre il n’y a que Brixton Robbers à Paris avec P.O. Box (et Rat Attack).

Je Confirme les infos…
Brixton et les Swings, c est que pour la semaine du 1 au 5 …
J avais pas toutes les détails pour le reste. Désolé pour les imprécisions.