Death By Stereo font du neuf avec "des vieux"

Death By Stereo has reenlisted original drummer Jardon Alexander (A Static Lullaby, Suicide File) and guitarist Jim Miner as they begin work on their next record. The additions come in the wake of the departure of Todd Hennig last week.

The band has also booked three headlining shows, which they explain:

Our first one is at the Galaxy Theatre in Santa Ana on Thursday August 31st. We have Love Equals Death (Fat), Perish, Ellerman, and The Cavalry opening up for us. The next show is Friday September 1st at the Key Club(Los Angeles) and we have Time Again(Hellcat), Underminded(Kung Fu), and A Silent Scream For Abigail.

Then we play the Canyon Club(Agoura Hills) on Saturday September 2nd with Skyline Collapse and a couple of other suprises. 

The band will be writing this fall for their followup to 2005’s Death for Life.

j’ai trouvé ca nulà chier au sant feliu

jsuis resté :astonished:
Jarod Alexander!! et Jim Miner, la fine équipe quoi…
si ça repart comme à l’époque If looks could kill, I’d watch you die ça va faire très mal…

Simon: nul à chier debout, ou nul à chier contre les murs? soit plus précis s’il te plaît.