Je continue le tri dans ma collec’ de disques. Mp ou dvdgnzlz(à)hotmail(point)com

en rouge : réservé


DON CABALLERO – What burns never returns (Touch & Go) 2xLP [7 euros]
BAD TASTE/MOTOCROSS – split (Zorlac) [2 euros]
THE FICTION – I told her that I like living in a box (Level Plane) [4 euros]
EBOLA/JINN – split (Totenschiff) rouge [5 euros]
FLAG OF DEMOCRACY – Down with people (Bitzcore) [4 euros]
FORWARD TO DEATH – Death therapy (Perfect victim) bleu [5 euros]
GRADE – And such is progress (Second Nature) [5 euros]
ISKRA – s/t (Profane Existence) [5 euros]
OS101 – United brotherhood of scenesters (Victory) bleu [3 euros]
PARANOIA KEEPS CRAWLING – Made to be broken (Sabotage/ Unsociable) [2 euros]
PIG DESTROYER – Painter of dead girls (A date with Elvis) [10 euros]
RHYTHM COLLISION – Now (Dr Strange) [3 euros]
SELKKAUS – Luokkataistelu – Teoria & Kaytanto (Kämäset Levy) jaune [5 euros]
SPLITTING HEADACHE – Night terrors (Collapse) rouge [5 euros]
UNCURBED – Keeps the banner high (Sound Pollution) [5 euros]
VICTIMS – In blood (Havoc) [5 euros]
VILLAINS – Drenched in the poisons (Nuclear War now !) Gatefold + poster [5 euros]
VOID - Demos + Live (Fanclub) [5 euros]
V/A DISTURBING THE PEACE (Six Weeks) Iron Lung, Voetsek, Brainoil [5 euros]
V/A KILLED BY FINNISH HARDCORE (Redrum) Riistetyt, Kaaos, Lama, Appendix, Tampere SS,… [6 euros]
V/A LAATINIMEN ÄPÄROILLE (Crapoulet, I Feel Good…) Sotatila, Dissiped, Kuolema…[5 euros)
V/A POLAR GRINDER (PFC) Nasum, Sayyadina, Asterix, Regurgitate…) [8 euros]
Z - 御壁 (Catune) + DVD [3 euros]


Angel Hair/ Bare Minimum – split (GSL) [2 euros]
Detestation -Europa '98 (Consensus reality) [2 euros]

EP à 50 cts

Acrostix -Truth turned gray with justice (black water)
CCSS - Punkcore/ punkwhore (Radio81)
Domestik Doktrin (625)
Everybody’s enemy -i am legend (Sick of talk)
Gozzilla - E le tre bambine coi baffi (Animalaus Autoproduzioni)
Harvest Moon Society/ Pangea -split (Stress domain)
Heros & Zeros – (Mad Butcher/ Cable street beat)
Man in the shadow - Pax americana (Minra vasjan/ choose life)
Molto rumor per nulla – (l’idiota)
Out come the wolves (Sell our soul)
Radio Bikini/ Makiladoras -split (Trabuc/ Tofu Guerilla)
Rhino Charge - (To live a lie)
Rosenbombs - s/t (625)
Rotten Fruits - Abomination (Criminal IQ)
Severe - Snitch slaughter (625/ Give praise)
Sickness - Just shit (Chaotic noise)
Sickness - EP (Murder)


Nouvelle liste !


MAJ + ajout de VOID - demos + live (fanclub) [5 euros]

Pourquoi tu vends le Void? Le son est dégueux?

non, pasque les démos sont repressées par Dischord.

par ailleurs, le disque est vendu.