« Hey Enemy has a 3 week tour of France and Spain booked this Spring. We are currently trying to find a final show for the tour. We are not looking for huge guarantees and we will be travelling with all our backline which we are happy to share with other bands. You can find out more about the band from www.heyenemy.com our debut album is released on March 5 (the day after we hope) and will be reviewed in a number of French magazines and websites. »

Le bon plan c’est que le mec organise des shows a Glasgow, et qu’il vous rendra l’appareil.
Il cherche un truc sur Paris ou alors dans le grand ouest Nantes/Laval/Angers…



Merci les traductions de firefox.

« rendre la pareille » semble plus juste.

J’ai peut être un truc, si ca le fait je peux les contacter comment? Le site à l’air mort.