Lintfabrieck last show

Hello and welcome to the last ever Complete Control news update. We would like to dedicate this update to our beloved Lintfabriek, the coolest venue known to mankind, which will be closing its doors at the end of this year. Obviously, it there for is also dedicated to Peter Van Der Lintfabriek, the man who turned Lintfabriek into the most important stop on many a European tour for a ton of touring bands, and who also gave a lot of Belgian bands the chance to rip it up on the legendary Lintfabriek stage. Coolest dude ever. Coolest stage ever. May it rest in peace. The last ever hardcore/punk show at the Lintfabriek will take place on December 30th . More on that later. Don’t be a fool and show up. Lintfabriek… This one’s for you!

Two Complete Control bands wanted to say goodbye to the Lintfabriek in honorable fashion, by gracing us with their performance on December 30th. Those two bands go by the names of DEAD STOP and RESTLESS YOUTH. Fiesje bouwe! DEAD STOP will be playing a one off show busting out some already classic songs from both albums and their 7", because DEAD STOP and Lintfabriek go together like hot chocolate and speculoos. Their buddies in RESTLESS YOUTH figured that this was the ideal opportunity to play a final show after all, so they threw away their bags of weed and started practicing again to make sure they go out with a bang!

To make this final Lintfabriek show even crazier, two US bands are flying over to play this show (and a couple of other shows around it). We’re talking about DC’s 86 MENTALITY and Philly’s BLACKLISTED. Also on the bill are young hopefuls VOGUE and THE REACTIONAIRIES (Erik Tilburg’s return to the stage). Let’s hope these bands will be able to hand the Lintfabriek torch to a whole new generation of hardcore/punk kids and their kids after that. Last but not least, SSS will be playing as well because every opportunity to fly Foxy to the mainland is one that should be seized. So that brings us to the following line-up for December 30th:


Prior to this final show there will be a couple of other cool shows at the Lintfabriek so please try to make it out to those as well. Check them out:

14/12/07: Coliseum, We’re Wolves, Nuns Go Riot!
22/12/07: Mad Sin, The Heartaches, The Grave Brothers, Heartbreak Engines
29/12/07: The Kids, The Agitators, The Paranoiacs, The City

Back on the subject of DC’s hardest, 86 MENTALITY, Complete Control Bookings (feat. Coorde) booked the 3 European shows they’re doing at the end of this month. Here’s the info:

28/12/07: Paris (FRA), Le Club
29/12/07: Zwolle (HOL)
30/12/07: Kontich (BEL), Lintfabriek


In other news, JUSTICE, one of the original driving forces behind Complete Control will be breaking up next year. They have a few more shows booked and will be playing their final show on March 8th at the Englantier in Berchem (near Antwerp), Belgium. TRUE COLORS will be playing that show as well, other bands will be announced soon. VOGUE has been busy playing out in support of their 7", while frontman Bounce has been specializing in getting the weirdest tattoos ever. However, they’ve also found the time to record two brand new songs, including the classic « No Vogue » song, for a limited edition 7" single on Holy Shit! Records. REPROACH has recorded a bunch of songs as well. They will possibly appear on a split 7" with GEHENNA (the only band sketchier than REPROACH) or a split 7" with ANS or a new 7" of their own. Who knows? Keep your eyes peeled. RISE AND FALL will not be playing or touring for a while and is trying to write a new album, to be released some time next year on Deathwish Inc.

We shall be seeing eachother again on December 30th. Not a day sooner than that, and definitely not ever again after.

Yours faithfully,

Complete Control Records

Ps: We’ve got some rare recordings up on our myspace and we’ll add some more soon. Check it out!

Je viens de poster ça dans le thread d’86 mentality


T’as une place reservée dans la clio !

J’espère bien !

Je sais pas si faut réserver sa place ou quoi, j’demanderai à Gert

Je pense qu’il vaut mieux , ca va etre blindé !

Si y a d’autres gens que ca interesse (le depart se fera depuis Paris) , il reste 2 places dans la voiture .

Des gens cools et fun svp, pas des coreux quoi


Tu veux pas que ca pite sec c’est ça?

j’ai envie de venir, on va clubber à Anvers après ?

On va se boire une mousse au Kastelein… :clap:

Faut trouver une boite ou y’a un contest de jumpstyle pour après le concert

ça existe plus, ça s’appelle le CCCastelain maintenant, ils font des concerts de punk zavata libertaire

il vous reste encore une place ?

Ouais, normalement, loic avait reservé une place et je sais plus qui… Donc en comptant loic et je sais plus qui, il reste une place pour toi

Rod comptait un peu sur la place libre Damien…

Ben qu’il me le dise alors

J’pense que c’est ce qu’il essayait de dire

vous déposez rod au metropolis et l affaire est réglé
tiens moi au jus damien

On peut ( peut etre ) essayer de monter deux voitures avec d’autres parisiens…

y a surement moyen, j en ai parlé hier avec malek