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Akimbo Forging steel and laying stone Alternative Tentacles 6
Army Of Punch so many you could never win No Idea blanc marbré 5
Forward To Death Death Therapy Perfect victim Bleu transparent 6
I Hate Myself 10 songs No Idea Violet marbré 6
I Hate Myself 4 songs No Idea Gris Marbré 6
I Hate Myself 3 songs No Idea Violet marbré 6

Atrox - s/t -Rock Star/ Antagonist 4

City Kids 1000 soldiers Spliff 3
Contrasto/ Nagasaki Nightmare rabbia trafigge immobile resa Son of vesta/ multiples 4
Cross Examination/ Springbreak super party brother Deepsix Vert Transparent 5

Doomsday 1999 Maniac on the floor Nukes! 5

Enablers End note Midmarch 5
Everybody’s enemy Enter the enemy Deathsickle etching sur face B 5

Femme Fatale As you know, so shall you reap Ache 5
Flag Of Democracy Down with people Bitzcore 4

Grade And such is progress Second Nature/ Toybox 6

Hatepinks Police sandwich Crapoulet 5
He taught me lies/ Rick Gribenas Genealogies and collaborations Hope 5
Holier than thou ? High on barbecue Deranged 5

Indication My energy is my dedication The age of venus Blanc 4
Ire I discern an overtone of tragedy in… The mountain cooperative 5

Makiladoras s/t six labels 4
Mogwai Government commissions (BBC sessions 1996-2003) PIAS/ BBC/ Rock Action 2xLP 10

Parts and Labor Stay afraid cardboard/ jagjaguwar 5
Pavers Beautiful Boss Tuneage Picture 4
Pavers Return to the island of no return Boss Tuneage Picture 4
Pink Eye Worldwide columbine Slasher (projet de mecs de Fucked Up) 5

Rhythm Collision Now Dr Strange 5

Slade Slayed ? Polydor 4
SNFU If you swear, you’ll catch no fish southern 5
Splitting Headache Night Terrors Collapse rouge transparent 5

Terminal Youth s/t To live a lie/ Give praise 5
The Fartz What’s in a name…? Alternative Tentacles 5
The Flamingo Massacres Wearing your heart on the front of … Adagio830/ Xmist 5
The Jam Setting sons polydor 3
The judas factor Kiss suicide Revelation 5
The judas factor Ballads in blue china Revelation 5
The Spark Nobody’s laughing Mike Fitzgerald 5
The Spoils To the victor… (ex infest) Deepsix rouge 5
Thin Lizzy Renegade Vertigo 3

Visions of war/ Cop on fire split Profane Existance/ Angry Gatefold 5
Voetsek The castrator album Six Weeks 5

Weak Back from the gooch Turborock 3
World War XXIV no luck Kangaroo 5

Y/ My Own Lies split Flowerviolence/ Thought Crime 5

Z [titre japonais] Catune Gatefold + DVD 5

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au fait the fartz c’était pas le groupe punk rock de duff des guns n roses ?

Si. Et y avait aussi Blaine de The Accüsed au chant.

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