nouvelle chanson howards alias

une version demo d’un de leurs titres du nouvel album qu’ils enregistrent a la fin de l’ete : mouais

à part le côté un peu « évident » du refrain j’aime bien.

J’aime bien aussi, ça le fait!

une 2e demo est dipso !

je prefere la premiere perso! mais ils ont tjrs de supers riffs de grattes et de bonnes melodies!

moi je prefere la 2e. la fin est assez enorme, le riff avant le break, le rythme limite disco, ca part loin.

c’est du howard’s alias tout simplement, et ça fait plaisir d’entendre les nouvelles chansons.

3e demo : spilt milk



So, today is a sad today in the world of Howards Alias. I am very sad to say, with a very heavy heart that we’ve broken up; for good.

If you’ll allow to elaborate slightly, I’d like to say why:

Howards Alias has never really had the best of luck. I’m not saying this in a ‹ woe is me › way at all, we’ve had loads of awesome times too but everytime it rains with us; it fucking pours!

Since we’ve been back together, we had two of the best tours we’ve ever done; the first one back and then the CapDown tour after that. They were both awesome and we were really thinking that we’d maybe start to get a bit more good luck and play to more people, get better tours etc. This didn’t really happen, at pretty much most gigs since then we’ve played to like, 30 people. Usually the few left over after everyone who’d watched the support bands had left with the bands after they’d played (and used our equipment without so much as a thanks by the way!).

Now, even in light of this we thought, fuck it, let’s make an album that we’re all proud of and get back out and play it.

In November last year we started doing this, recording the drums, bass and guitar and then going out on tour again to a mostly less than luke warm reception.

In January, Rob quit the band. He has a job as a gas-man and is content doing that - after the initial shock, we thought that was fair enough and decided to look for a new drummer.

In March, Matt went on tour playing sax for the band Foals and started tour managing other bands. A few weeks ago he decided he couldn’t commit the time to be in Howards Alias anymore.

Nick, Ranny and me would all love the band to continue but with almost half the band quitting, we agreed last night it would be a next to impossible task to replace them and so, we basically have to break up, we don’t really have any other choice that’d we’d be happy with.

Now, obviously, we’ve been a band in some form since 1999(!) so it really feels like it’s the end of an era in our lives. Most bands only last a few years and (although we broke up once already!) we’ve lasted for nearly 9 years!


We still really want to release [ep.i.phan.ic] but it costs a lot to release an album so we came up with an idea:

We would need 120 people to pre-order the album at £10 each for us to afford to press it up and pay for the artwork. We don’t want to release it on the internet, especially if we’re not a band anymore, it would be way cooler to give the band a good send off.

SO! If you would like to hear the album, here’s what we’re asking:



If and when we reach 120 people we’ll contact you all about how to buy one. Every person that pre-orders will get their name printed in the album sleeve too.

I hope people are interested in this, I’d hate for this album to not see the light of day, it really is the best thing we’ve done.

Thanks to everyone who has supported us over the years.

Howards Alias, I’ll miss you.

Matt x


la lose, c’est trop nul. j’etais si content qu’ils se soient reformes… :pleure1:

je partage ta déception Matt… c’est trop dommage.
Il y a pas deux voix comme celle là dans le punk rock, leur son a toujours été en constante évolution, il y a beaucoup de choses imprévisibles dans leur musique… une grosse perte.

ah ouais, c’etait vraiment un groupe hallucinant, j’esperais trop les revoir. en tout cas, je precommanderai l’album c’est sur.

Aaaaargh… bad news

Enfin, pour les nostalgiques des premiers albums d’Howard’s Alias, jetez une oreille sur The JB Conspirancy :

Il y a de fortes chances que ça vous plaise :slight_smile: pour trois nouveaux mp3.

plutot classes les nouvelles chansons, j’aime.


Thank you so much for letting us know you want to pre-order our new full length.

We cannot begin to describe how grateful we are for this and hence the first 120 people to pay will be getting a special gift!

Originally we thought it would be great to print each person’s name in the album sleeve, which was a great idea but I didn’t actually get around to checking with the lady doing the art and it turns out all those names won’t fit!

….So instead we have decided to reward the first 120 people to pre-order by making 120 hand screened album art work posters, each unique to the person that gets one by way of your name and a number (1-120).

Every person that pre-orders it will receive stickers and such though, so don’t fret if you didn’t make the 120 people, you’ll still have the album some limited edition stickers!

I am sending this e-mail to you on the Wednesday 4th June and the album will be available for pre-order from 12p.m. on Thursday 5th June.

To order visit www. epiphanic. bigcartel. com or click the image above!

Once we have enough orders the album should take 3 to 5 weeks for us to get it to you; production is roughly 3 weeks but obviously we need to get it to the pressing plant and back again, then packaged and in the post.

Visit www. myspace. com/howardsalias for 3 songs from the album if you haven’t already, hopefully they will tide you over until the day the CD drops through your letter box!

Thank you once again from the bottom of our hearts, this could not happen without you.


Matt, Nick and Ranny.

super sympa les nouvelles, vraiment dommage pour le split… visiblement le 1er album (the chameleon spirit) est out of print… youpi jai un collector hihi

je l’ai !! et le poster qui va avec (numero 37 hehe). et c’est une enorme tuerie ! :balloon:

j’ai aussi sans poster… c’est clair qu’il depote!