Nouvelles Signatures Nitro Records

Crime in Stereo and Enemy You have signed to Nitro.

Crime in Stereo has released both the Crime in Stereo/Kill Your Idols split and Explosives and the Will to Use Them on Blackout Records and will release their final record for the label, The Contract EP in July. The band is described as « fast, aggressive, hardcore punk [that] brings to mind such bands as Silent Majority, Dag Nasty, Embrace, Kid Dynamite and Gorilla Biscuits. » They will be touring with both This Is Hell (dates) and Poison the Well (dates) this summer.

Enemy You has released records on Lookout/Panic Button and most recently, Stories Never Told on Red Scare. That label will also be reissuing their Lookout material. The band is described as « sincere punk rock that is both smart and infectious […] in the spirit of such bands as Screeching Weasel, The Clash, Social Distortion and Bad Religion. » They will be touring with Lawrence Arms and A Wilhelm Scream from June 27- July 10 and you can click Read More for the dates.

You can check out material from both bands at their respective websites: Enemy You and Crime in Stereo.

Yeah 2 excellents groupes !

ouais surtout ennemy you, hein maniac


Y’a no trigger qui a récemment signé aussi les petit pères… Et c’est très bon:

Hé le plus grand fan d’Enemy You, c’est moi pas Maniac ! :fuck off:

Maniac…:coeur1 :coeur1 :coeur1 :coeur1

conné pa ennemy you, mé j’aime bien Crime in stereo:coeur2

le dernier enemy you n a rien d extra

Tu le vends combien ? :smiley:

15 euro et je t offre en bonus alb de hogwash

bonne nouvelle ca!!
ca veut dire nouveau cd pour bientot alors
j’ai hate d’entendre du nouveau Crime In Stereo

des trucs encore plus nouveaux que l’extrait du nouvel ep « the contract »?

parceke sinon de cet ep y’a un extrait ici:

le titre bute bien d’ailleurs:
« Long Song Titles Aren’t Cool Anymore Because The Rest Of You Fuckers Are No Good At It »

crime in stereo jamais ecouté, par contre qu ils aient signé Enemy you c est une super nouvelle