OLD FASHION HEROES + SECOND BASE looking for tourdates in august


Old Fashion Heroes and Second Base, 2 Belgian melodic punkrock bands, are in search of tour dates/venues to play in the beginning August 2005 to promote their upcoming split-EP…
Feel free to visit their websites:
http://www.oldfashionheroes.be / http://www.secondbase.be. Mp3’s: http://www.purevolume.com/oldfashionheroes and
http://www.purevolume.com/secondbase. We can send you also a promo package with prerecordings of the new split-cd.

These are the dates we’re on tour:

MONDAY - 01/08/05 – (HOL?) FREE
TUESDAY - 02/08/05 – (HOL?) FREE
WEDNESDAY - 03/08/05 – (GER?) FREE
THURSDAY - 04/08/05 – (GER?) FREE
FRIDAY - 05/08/05 – (FRA?) (nord) FREE
SATURDAY - 06/08/05 – (FRA?) (nord) FREE
SUNDAY - 07/08/05 – BEL Osschotse Feesten (Hageland Punk & hardcore fest) BOOKED
MONDAY - 08/08/05 – (FRA?) FREE
TUESDAY - 09/08/05 – (FRA?) FREE
WEDNESDAY - 10/08/05 – (ITA/ AUS / SWI?) FREE
THURSDAY – 11/08/05 – (ITA/ AUS / SWI?) FREE
FRIDAY – 12/08/05 – (ITA/ AUS / SWI?) FREE
SATURDAY – 13/08/05 – (FRA / GER ?) FREE
SUNDAY – 14/08/05 – (BEL / FRA / GER?) FREE
MONDAY – 15/08/05 – BEL FREE


We’d like to do about 10 shows in 15 days. We’ll play shows in France, Italy, Austria, Germany, Switzerland, and the Netherlands, depending on where we are on that moment of the tour. So, anyway, you’d earn our eternal thanks by booking us!


  • Food and drinks: a good warm meal before or after the show (depending on the schedule of the gig) and free drinks (all of this for 7 persons: 6 band members + road manager/roadie).
  • Price: whatever’s possible for the organisation of the show; for us, an ideal price would be 150 Euros… Negotiations are always possible, but please mind it would be a costly affair for us to play for 50 Euros somewhere in southern France, just to give an example.
  • A place to crash for 7 people, virtually anything goes, like the venue itself or whatever… (we’ll bring our own sleeping bags, mattresses, maybe even tents).
  • A good map to the venue or show is a definite plus, it’d make our life so much easier he he…
  • We’ll take our own backline with us, but a space Marshall/whatever cab that connects to a JCM900 is always welcome as a reserve.

Each and every point of this list is negotiable: for us, it’s more important to be able to play some shows than to bug anyone with an impossible list of conditions and demands.

Thanks a lot,
Old Fashion Heroes & Second base

More info @ http://www.oldfashionheroes.be/tour/index.html
Bookings: Steve Moens, steve.m@telenet.be

We’d be extremely grateful if any of you could help us out booking international shows… Don’t hesitate to mail us!