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And as always we’ll be spending an inordinate amount of time in airports in 2011 as we run around playing shows. People always ask if we’re touring and I always so no because in my world, « touring » will always mean white-knuckling it down a mountain pass in a snowstorm in a rickety van full of holes, seated way too close to guys I started to hate about a day after hitting the road. So no, we’re not doing that anymore. Never say never, but having said that: never. But we are going to keep doing fly-ins and playing any city that wants us. So if you want to see us play somewhere, even in some third world country like Ireland or Canada, make an offer, or have the blokes in charge do it. We’ve been having a blast playing shows again for the past year and a half and we’re looking forward to more of the same in 2011 and beyond!

Source: blog du Ben Weasel


en tout qu’à, le Groez serait bien le seul à pouvoir payer billet d’avions + cachet + hotel à Ben Weasel pour UNE seule date… car je pense qu’au delà de 2 voir 3 dates, il voudra jamais faire plus.

ça serait mortel!