Sweet Empire - June 2012

Hey everyone,

Sweet Empire is looking for a show in South / East (maybe middle) France for Friday June 22nd.
We’d be up for playing anywhere, anytime, to anyone.
If you could help out please contact us at sweetempire [a] gmail.com

Sweet Empire is a punk rock band from Holland. Been around for about 3 years now and has played over 120 shows all over Europe.
Last September they released their debut LP « This Season Needs Torches » on Shield Recordings (home of Make Do & Mend, Dead To Me, Antillectual, This Routine Is Hell, Brat Pack, etc).
In some of the reviews the sound has been compared to Dag Nasty, Descendents, and Good Riddance.
You can check out the album, and download it for free, over at: http://sweetempire.bandcamp.com or http://www.sweetempire.nl

Thanks lots!

Support !

cool ce tit band, ca me fais penser a shelter par moments, surtout la voix