tournee europeenne BLINDFAULT

Hallo J Rune from Fast Beat Records here. I’m setting up the European Tour 06 for the Danish outburst BLINDFAULT.

Please take a look below and get back to me if you’re interested in doing a show. If you are into promotion I would like to hear from you as well :slight_smile:

The band feels drawn to the chaos of hardcore and the tightness of thrash. Musically they walk the tight rope of anarchism and uncensored aggression.

Music video:



Below you’ll find the tour dates and short info on the band.

Blindfault European Tour ´06:

Wed April, Denmark / Germany

Thu April, Germany

Fri April, Germany

Sat April, Germany

Sun April, Germany

Mon April, Germany

Tue April, Benelux

Wed April, Benelux

Thu April, Benelux

Fri April, France

Sat April, France

Sun April, France

Mon April, England, Harrogate, Carringtons Nightclub

Tue April, UK

Wed April, UK

Thu April, UK

Fri April, Scotland

Sat April, Scotland

Sun April, Scotland

Mon April, UK

Tue April, UK

Wed April, France

Thu April, France

Fri April, Germany

Sat April, Denmark

Presented by Dream Fire Agency & Fast Beat Booking

Promotion material incl. A2 tour posters, postcards, flyers, promotioncds will be sent to you late February.


The Danish BLINDFAULT’s debut album “Talking To Deaf Ears” was released 17th May ´05 trough Fast Beat Records with distribution through EMI.

The band co-headlined tour Metal Mania#1, Århus Metal Festival, Popkomm Berlin and on the highly prestigious Retaliation Tour 2004 sponsored by East Pack, Puma and Jägermeister. The band has played with bands like Raunchy, Mnemic, Mercenary, Volbeat, The Haunted, The Psyke Project etc. The album “Talking To Deaf Ears” will be released 17th October in Sweden and Norway and Fast Beat Records is currently working on a release date for the UK.

BlindFault will tour Sweden and Norway until marts 2006. Release date for Norway and Sweden - 17th Oct´05.

Give me a shout for more info! Cheers :slight_smile:

Take care,


Rune D. Walther - Tourbooking Europe & Tourmanager


Krusågade 21-23

1719 Kbh. V.


Skype: RuneWalther
Phone: +45 28 34 34 04



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