[size=200] [color=darkred] CHAOTIC MUSIC FOR CHAOTIC PEOPLE[/size]
[size=200][color=red]UPDATED LE 25 Octobre 2004[/size]

Calling Gina Clark crucificados pelo systema 3€50
Iron Lung/Quattro Stagioni crucificados pelo systema 3€50
Ohuzaru“trash is business” heroïne/sly action/weewee 3€

Melt Banana”666” level plane 3€50

Acrimonie / La Quiete life of hate 3€
Amanda Woodward”pleine de grâce” pure pain sugar 3€
Amanda Woodward / 1905 stonehenge 2€50
American Heritage / Mastodon delboy records 6€50
Arsen Aka König Der Monster“black sunday“ react with protest 3€
Autoritar rodel rds 3€
Booter peste & cholera/rumble fish corporation 2€
Calling Gina Clark/Dispensing Of False Halos crucificados pelo systema 3€20
Chevreuil / Honey For Petzi ottonecker/gentleman rds 4€
Chevreuil / Room 204 ottonecker/effervescence 4€
EyeHateGod/Cripple Bastard southern lord 4€50
Gob / Agoraphbic Nosebleed bad card 2€
Iscariote / Complete shogun rds 3€50
Kafka / Defdump bloody tears/circle pit/hurry up/rebound action/self fulfillment/shove 3€
Karras / Submerge destructure/shogun 3€
Katyn/Rise From Ruin crucificados pelo systema 3€
Kill The Man Who Questions / Del Celio ed walters records 3€50
Janmichaelvincentcar / Humanbodyflawe obtuse mule 3€50
Man Is The Bastard Noise / Gerritt misanthropic agenda 5€
Mastodon”lifesblood” 2x7” relapse 5€50
Melvins”with yo heart, with yo hands” sympathy for the record industry 3€60
Morgue / Carmina shogun/evil biker/hellisadoortothesunn 3€
Narcosis / Swarrrm crucificados pelo systema 3€50
Neil perry / Kaospilot level plane 3€
Old Man Gloom”christmas eve I & II” trust no one 11€
Raein/Phoenix Bodies crucificados pelo systema 3€20
Rubbish Heap“path of lies” conspiracy 3€50
Rubbish Heap / Upset conspiracy 3€50
Shall Not Kill / Strong As Ten 213 2€50
Shock Treatment / Booter peste & cholera 2€50
Spinning Heads“nothing is gained nothing …” radar swarm 3€
Submerge“in gold we crush” shogun 3€
Superstatic Revolution / Submerge shogun 3€50
Swarrrm crucificados pelo systema
Tekken / Parkinson jasonR/213/weewee/emo style army/no fucking label 3€
The Aleatoric“forever yours” holyfuryrecords/fortunaperletum 3€
The Better Thoughts To Come ? / Tielnich jasonR/shogun/rabid/esb/beta 2€50
The Kinetic Crash Cooperation / The Jam Session crucificados pelo systema 3€50
What Happens next ?”euro trash” flower violence 3€
With Love“wolf in modern fairytale” greenrecords 3€
World Burns To Death “no dawn comes…” hardcore holocaust 2€50
Zann crucificados pelo systema 3€
Zann / Funeral Diner vendetta 3€

Envy / Iscariote code of ethics/pure pain sugar 7€
Hypotalasias / Anal RIP analasias/weewee 6€
Ned “the love off !!!” SK rds 8€
Ned / Oharu“music für adulten” jasonR/ainu 6€50
There is a light that never goes out / Vanilla pure pain sugar/plastik culture/bachelor 7€
Umbrella/Gigantic Brain crucificados pelo systema 7€

Absone“a last kiss before” eightythree rds 9€
Arno De Cea“aloha from Cestas” jasonR/time tunnel 6€
Daybreak / Godstomper at a loss recordings 8€
Ekkaia”demasiado tarde ….” alerta antifascista/stonehenge/tofu guerilla/cruda realidad 6€
Envy”a dead sinking story” 2lp nova 10€
George Bitch Jr chimères 5€
Gride”tanec blaznu” chimères 6€
HK / With Love maldoror/chimères 6€
Inertie / Karras stonehenge 6€50
Isis”oceanic remixes vol III” robotic empire 11€50
Keelhaul”subject to change without notice” hydra head 12€
Milemarker“satanic versus” day after 8€
Myra Lee theatre rds/jasonR/la machoire/bloc 7€
Old Man Gloom”seminar III” trust no one 15€
Pageninetynine“document #8” scene police 9€
Pelican cock of the rock/hydrahead 11€
Racebannon“in the grips of the light” level plane 12€
Racebannon / Songs Of Zarathustra level plane 9€
Religious War”cracked system” hardcore holocaust/mind control rds 6€
Tantrum“the frontier bursts into view” radar swarm 8€
The Jam Session”att skingra det mörker” crucificados pelo systema 7€50
Umbrella/Every Kid Loves A Clown crucificados pelo systema 8€
With Love / Climatizado luna/chierra 8€
World Burns To Death“the sucking of the missile…” hardcore holocaust 6€

Agathocles“mince core” rock’n’roll radio 7€
Aghast”polaroid” weewee/paper plane crash/aspidistra 5€
Amanda Woodward”pleine de grâce” waiting for an angel 5€
By My Fists / In Progress ben le millionnaire/58 rds/way of life/rudeboi rds 6€
Cable”pigs never fly” translation loss 12€
Chivan / The Apollo Program svetlaana rds 6€50
Coche Bomba“5 years of trash guerilla” chimères 5€
Comity“the deus ex-machina as a forgotten genius” jasonR/messiah 8€
Costa’s Cake House shogun 5€50
Costa’s Cake House“lighting up the night sky” firefly companies 5€50
Dataclast vs The Earwigs crucial blast 12€
Denebh domaine rds 2€
FaceDownInShit”passing times” exutoire 8€
G-77“peine de vie” exutoire 8€
Gantz/Cleaner impure muzik 8€
Green Beret emergence 5€
Gu Guai Xing Qiu ben le millionnaire 1€
HK / Pledge Alliance maldoror/impure musik 3€
Impure Wilhelmina“i can’t believe i was ….“ space patrol/waiting for an angel 10€
Iscariote“genèse et agonie : 2000-2004” salvation 7€
Iscariote“necropole trauma” salvation 7€
Khanate”things viral” southern lords 13€
Keizhun”walking on saturn” chaos campaign recordings 3€
Lena Circus”frozen journey” mimimi rds 3€
Les Feux De l’Amour chimères 4€50
Llynch“the transformation of madison” scorched earth policy 7€
Mastodon”leviathan” cd&dvd relapse 16€
Meatjack“trust” at a loss 12€
Metronome Charisma ”notre amour est……” impure muzik/radar swarm 9€
Microfilm diy 3€
Myra Lee theatre rds/jasonR/la machoire/bloc 7€
Nothing To Prouve”metronomicon” impure muzik 8€
Old Man Gloom”christmas” tortuga rds 13€
Opstand bad card/revolution 5€
Org “name” salvation 10€
Overmars / Done For“in the arms of octopus” done for/overmars 7€50
Overmars / Fugüe cetacean/waiting for an angel 8€
Richard Durn”tant que la violence d’etat …” ben le millionnaire/acid folik 3€
Rroselicoeur”demios oneiron” pure pain sugar/waiting for an angel 10€
Submerge throne rds 7€
Tantrum“into thin air” supine 6€15
Tantrum“twisted in anguish” supine/vicious circle 9€25
The Apollo Program / Short Supply heart on fire 5€50
The Better Thoughts To Come“noise addiction” diy 4€
The Elektrocution”vagina dentata” emergence 5€
The Jellybears “the lollipop palace” time tunnel 8€
Theory Of Ruin”counter culture nosebleed” escape artist 11€
To die for“virusinfection control” heroïne 7€
Trepalium”pain’s threshold” diy 7€
V/A La Chevauchée Des Vaches Qui Rient (dfam, seyhar, submerge,ftx …) lof 5€
Vitriol”I-VII” neurot rds 14€

Converge”you fail me”