LISTE CD’S (entre 6 et 9 euros)

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12 Cent – bastard music
17 Stitches – Closer Than You Think
30Foot Fall – acme-143
30Foot Fall – ever revolving, never evolving
4Ft Fingers - …At Your Convenience
59 Times The Pain – end of the millennium
59 Times The Pain – more out of today
59 Times The Pain – twenty percent of my hand
5c Deposit – Your Mother Likes Us When We’re Drunk
7/10 Split – the stars have fallen
98Mute – after the fall
Active Ingrediants – Balls Out Way Of Life
Afi – A Fire Inside ep
Afi – All Hallow’s ep
Afi –Black Sails In The Sunset
AFO – from now on
All Day – nobody likes a quitter
Ataris – blue skies (en attente)
Barely Legal – one man’s trash is another man’s treasure
Better Than A Thousand – Value driven (en attente)
Bigwig – Unmerry Melodies
Blink 182 – Enema Of The State
Blink182 – Dude Ranch (en attente)
Blink182 – take off your pants and jacket
Blink182 – The Mark, Tom And Travis Show
Bodyjar – rimshot
Boy Kicks Girls – Public Display Of Agression
Boysetsfire – tomorrow come today
Buckwild – full metal overdrive
Burning Heads – super modern world
Compil Kung Fu Records – No Stars Just Talent
Compilation Warped Tour Music 2De Heideroosjes – Fast Forward
Deviates – Time Is The Distance
Deville – Pleasure To Burn
Divit - Low Speed Chase
Downway – Defeat Songs
Drain Bramaged – Happy Drunx
Drain Bramaged – I won’t be…
Drain Bramaged – Seven Course Meal
Face To Face – Everything Is Everything (en attente)
Fast Offensive – Mind Control
Fat Music For Fat People
Fenix Tx – fenix tx
Fenix Tx – Lechuza
Ferd Mert – all this and morons
Frenzal Rhomb – once a jolly swagman, always a jolly swagman
Friday Knights – Nice View From Zeero
Fury66 – for lack of a better word…
Fury66 – no perfect machine
Gorilla Biscuits – Gorilla Biscuits
Greedy Guts – slime ball
Guttermouth/Mach Pelican - Chicken and Champagne
Happy Campers – Black Bear
Hope – It’s Not My Fault
Hopelessly Devoted To You – Sampler
Hopelifter – North Of The Thirty Six
Horace Pinker - Burn Tempe To The Ground
Hotbox – Lickity Split
Intensity – Wash Off The Lies
Joystick – heavy chevy
Jughead’s Revenge – Image Is Everything (en attente)
Jughead’s Revenge – Just Joined
Jughead’s Revenge – Pearly Gates (en attente)
Lame Ducks – Pick It Up
Leek And The Bouncing Uptones – Roll The Dice…
Legbone – Beer:30
Less Than Jake – borders and boundaries
Less Than Jake – Losers, Kings And Things We Don’t Understand
Link80 – killing Katie
Loose Change – Fire It Up!
M-80 – don’t take it away
M-80 – put down the bb gun
Mi6 – Alcoholiday
Millencolin - For Monkeys
Millencolin – home from home
Millencolin – life on a plate
Minor Threat – fisrt demo tape
Misconduct - …another time
Mister Little Jeans - La Dolce Vita
Mixtwitch – successful everyday living
Moto XXX Soundtrack vol.1
Moto XXX Soundtrack vol.2
Mxpx – Let It Happen
Mxpx – Pokinatcha
Mxpx – Teenage Politics
New Found Glory – nothing gold can stay
No Use For A Name – Live In A Dive (en attente)
No Use For A Name – The Daily Grind
No Use For A Name – The NRA Years
Nofx – 45 or 46 Songs That Weren’t Good Enough….
Nofx – Pump Up The Valuum
None The Less – Out Of Excuses
Old Sshool101 – pura vida
Os101 – united brotherhood of scenesters
Peepshows – Mondo Deluxe
Pinhead Circus – the black power of romance
Pridebowl – Drippings Of The Past
Pulley - !**!
Pulley – together again for the first time
Punk O Rama vol.3
Punkzilla – the compilation
Satanic Surfers – Skate To Hell
Screw32 – Under The Influence Of Bad People
Screw32 – unresolved childhood issues
Sick Of It All – Call To Arms
Slick Shoes - Wake Up Screaming
SOJH – Kiss Of Death
Spare Lead – Secluded
Straight Faced – conditioned
Sum41 – All Killer No Filler
Sum41 – Hal Hour Of Power
Tank – There is no “I” in band
Teaching You No Fear – v/a Skateboard Heroes
Ten Foot Pole – unleashed
The Ataris - …Anywhere But Here
The Best Of Dr. Know
The Monster Squad – the end is near
The Nipples – filthy lyrics, happy kids
The Suicide Machines – A Match And Some Gasoline
Threephort - ….and the streets will run….
Unbounded – Somehow Good Times Disappeared
Unfold - …breakaway
Union13 – Youth, Betrayal And The Awakening
Useless Id – bad story, happy ending
V/A Punk Bites
V/A The Fearless Flush Sampler
Vandals – Hitler Bad, Vandals Good
Vandals – Live Fast Diarrea
Vandals – look what I almost stepped in…
Vandals – OI To The World
Vandals – play really bad original country tunes
Vandals – the quickening
Veteran Flashbax – Living In A Bubble
Voodoo Glow Skulls - Firme
Warped Tour Compilation 2001
Weaksauce - brutally honest
Weaksauce – See Thru Their Lies
Whatever - youngsters
Whippersnapper –america’s favourite pastime
White Kaps – blown in the usa

New Found Glory – nothing gold can stay
Pridebowl – Drippings Of The Past
Ten Foot Pole – unleashed
4Ft Fingers - …At Your Convenience
Frenzal Rhomb – once a jolly swagman, always a jolly swagmanç
98Mute – after the fall

ça donnerait combien ces quelques saloperies ?

C’est la meme liste que celle ci, le mec à rien vendu depuis ? CHELOU

Blink 182 – Enema Of The State m’interesse