Dead & Gone Records News – November 2007

Black Friday '29 LP - PRE ORDERS UP!

‹ The Pursuit Of Happiness › is released on LP at the Dead & Powered Fest on December 8th. We have just put this LP up for PRE_ORDER so get an order in soon to make sure you get your cool as fuck limited D&G vinyl. The record will be out on 08.12.07

It seems like a lifetime ago that ‹ The Escape › landed on our door. One of Europe’s best loved and hardest working hardcore bands - Black Friday are back and this is no whimpering attempt at a second LP . The band has never sounded as tight, hard and full of intent.

Whilst the recorded output has been slow the band hasn’t slowed down with constant shows and touring including a visit to the with their friends in Death Before Dishonour. Anyone who saw them own Ninjafest recently knows that this band is a serious force. The title track is a pounding opener which brings all their influences to the floor - Judge, YOT with a bit of the Cro Mags thrown in. ‹ Bitter Sweet › slows things down - driving and mid paced almost Mouthpiece esq. This is BF29 evolving their sound without a total departure from what won us all over. The CD version is out now on Blacktop Records.

This LP will drop December 8th.

You can download the LP opener by clicking here :

You can listen to more tracks at the bands myspace

Look out for the band at Dead & Powered and on tour this December.


‹ Friday Nights, Monday Mornings › LP – PRE ORDERS UP

We have been waiting on this nearly as a long as BF29 mk2! Thankfully we’re excited to announce that you can now pre-order the new D&O LP! We have also got a cool package deal on offer where you can pick up the CD & LP versions for a cheap price. Check the store for info.

We think the D&O are amongst a rare collection of bands who get better and better with each release. The lads followed ‹ Boys From The Blackstuff › with 2 Ep’s and a split with Death Is Not Glamorous. ‹ Friday Nights… › is a journey through the weekend and has a firm stamp of their city and the characters living within it.

‹ Living For The Weekend › is the friday night escape and blasts out of the speakers. Its part Clash, part Buzzcocks blended together with a shared love of Bay Area punk like ‹ …wolves › ear Rancid, Lookout era Green Day. New track ‹ No Warning › is a short sharp shock of 77 punk with classic D&O singalongs, which always make live shows a blast. On the final hurdle of the weekend you get hit with the Saturday night frustration of ‹ Get A Grip ›. Perhaps the best song these scousers have written it’s a big kick in the balls to let downs and bad mates. Underpinning this journey is location. Liverpool defines everything about the make up of the band and the music they share with us. The love of street punk, pop punk is all underpinned by that world famous sense of melody.

‹ The End Of The Line › is the LP closer and is a Sunday night headache full of realisation that the boredom of 9-5 is approaching. A brilliant track, which is classic Down & Outs. You will love it.

This is real – no fake American accents or ‹ wannabe › delusions. If punk still exists in 2007 its certainly breeding out of the forgotten estates of Liverpool and not fashionista magazines or shitty package tours. If you’ve not heard the Down & Outs yet I feel sorry for you - make amends


  1. Living For The Weekend

  2. Pictures & Memories

  3. Pocket Money Punks

  4. No Warning

  5. Anchors Away

  6. New One

  7. Get A Grip Son

8 . Rough Diamond

  1. Here & Now

  2. We Want More

  3. Weekend Reprise

  4. The End Of The Line

you can download ‹ Get A Grip Son › from our media page

Also check out our myspace page for another new track ‹ Pocket Money Punks ›


Dead & Powered Fest

Double record release show / End of year show / Great venue / curry / stage dives / EU invasion - bring it.


Dirty Money has just finished come back off their first tour, which was an overwhelming success. Thanks to everyone who booked a show, moshed or hung out. The dates with Cold World were incredible – Sheffield being particularly memorable. You can see some pictures from Ninjafest here…

The 7" is flying out really quickly and remember that the CD contains the demo.

‹ No Escaping This › is now available for you North Americans @ REVHQ - click here :

I’m excited to announce that Tokyo based label Bowl Head Inc will be releasing ‹ No Escaping This › in Asia. We’re excited to be working with them ion this. Check

Future plans – some concrete, some tentative

Dirty Money/Deal With It 7"
Dirty Money/ Trapped Under Ice 7"(A389 to take care of North America)
Deal With It LP
Death Is Not Glamorous LP

Only D’s win.

Distros/stores/labels get in touch for wholesale rates. EU people please contact our distributors Widespread. It will save you money!

North America please contact .