Damaged Goods split :'(

No, We Don’t Do Forever

After releasing a demo, a 7” and an LP and touring in the best (and worst) parts of Europe and the UK, Damaged Goods has decided to sign off. It’s been four wonderful years of people pushing Steven off the stage, Danny and Wout banging their heads like crazy and Flap just being Flap.

We feel our insanity levels reached their peak with the release of the ‘Fever’ album and are grateful to all the amazing people who helped us, moshed it up or just hung out. On the 19th of June – exactly three years after our first gig – we will play our final show at the awesome Trashfest in The Netherlands. So, come on down and try to yank Steven’s beard off for the very last time.

At the end of April we will make a final trip to the UK. Our brothers in mayhem Bite Down and Fast Point will accompany us and will undoubtedly cause tons of trouble. Anyone up for booking us a show April 30th, May 1st or May 2nd - hook us up !

So once again, thanks to all y’all for the support. Make sure you check out http://www.myspace.com/dghc for updates on our last couple of shows.

One other thing: the rather strangely coloured repress of our LP should be availabe in a couple of days. You better wear those sunglasses!

All the best,

après deal with it, damaged goods
ils font chier ces anglais

ils sont belges.

autant pour moi

Tu es excusé, c’est parce qu’ils sont venu jouer à Paris avec Fast Point, qui eux sont anglais :pinith:

Il faut dire qu’ils avaient passé la date limite aussi…

Ha Ha, c’est qu’en Juillet dernier ça faisait sortie pères et fils.

héhé exact!