Bonjour à tous

voici ma liste de recherche, si quelqu’un veux s’en débarrasser, il trouvera en bas ( en gras ) ma liste de CD à échanger :


BURNING HEADS - Be One With the Flames


MEST - Wasting Time

MILLENCOLIN - Home from Home

NIRVANA - Unplugged in New York
NIRVANA - In Utero

NO FUN AT ALL - The Big Knockover
NO FUN AT ALL - State Of Flow

NOFX - White Trash, Two Heebs And A Bean
NOFX - Punk In Drublic
NOFX - Heavy Petting Zoo
NOFX - So Long And Thanks For All The Shoes

THE OFFSPRING - Ixnay on the Hombre
THE OFFSPRING - Conspiracy of One
THE OFFSPRING - Rise and Fall, Rage and Grace

LOFOFORA - lofofora

et ma liste de CD à échanger :

33 1/3 rpm’s - compil basement recs

arilyn - alter ego
alex carter - the craftman
atrox vs eaves - split cd
american eyes - never trust anything that bleeds
audiokarate - lady melody
a small victory - el camino
america’s hardcore - compil goodlife recs
antifreeze - the search for something more
andrew jackson jihad - people that can eat people
aloha - here comes everyone

brillante - compil
broadcast international - compil
barilari - st
born dead - the final colapse
bayside - see yo in october
boog ia - poohland
between the buried and me - the silent circus
bagheera - twelves
backfire - in harm’s way

built upon frustration - resurrected

crowley passion - love kills
coffee shower / dependent - split cd
concrete waves - split cd
cellweler - st
crime desire - we hate all life
cast down - an attempt to make moments last
curse of instinct - as the rain fallsdown
cornflames - tonight soon and forever
calibre - kill the logo

division of laura lee - black city
despise - somenoise in your silence
driven - cowardice consumer of the west
dark fortress - profane genocidal creations
devil ate my son - the eyes of a dead man
day of contempt - see through the lies
digger and the pussycats - watch yr back
die die die - promises

endzweck - strange love
endless struggle - till the end
emo glam connection - volume 2
exit condition - 1988 - 1994

fall of a season / confronto - split cd
freya - as the last light drains
five days off - coast to coast
forca macabra - histeria
freiband - leise
flying pooh - viva san antonio
final prayer - filling the void

give up the ghost - love american
greg macpherson band - good times coming back again
grace will fall - st
glass casket - we are gathered here today
gurd - encounter
glass & ashes - aesthetic arrest

hateful monday - half world away
hamartia - to play the part
hedpe - only in amerika
homer - painting memories
havok - being and nothingness

inhuman - the new nightmare
isp - will rocket you
introspect - introspect
instill / kyds vs columbus - heartopsy
I defy - the firing line
in quest - epileptic

jargon - jargon
johnny casino and the secrets - new clothes old shoes
japanische kampfhorspiele - hardcore aus resten welt

kaos technik - phase critique

les vilains clowns - punk model
let it die - stick to your guns
leadfoot - we drink for free
lighten up - absolutely not

manticore - for rats and plague
magick ballet ensemble - hell
malefaction - where there is power
mad parade - bombs and the bible
mondo topless - take it slow
matrioska - la domenica mattina
monument 9 - compil
misery loves company - an eratz audio release
millencolin / midtown - split cd

nastrandir - zwischen horizonten
none shall be saved - knowledge is the key
negate - enemy
no turning back - stronger
new mexican disaster squad - st

old skars & upstars - compil 2002
one day late / raide - split cd
outbreak - information overload

psycho civilized - hardcore compilaton
pn - the art of being we
pn - our pitiful paradise
psylaw - sculptures
parasites - retro pop remasters
placenta - condemned
paint it black - new lexicon
plate six - operation chair sit
paraffine - interieur nuit
pawel grabowski - the beautiful schizophonic

rifu - bombs for food
receipt - the time is now
radio one - radio one - disaster recs
rainy day saints - diamond star highway

stop - un jour de moins
ska j - venice goes ska
scrotum grinder - the greatest sonic abomination ever
syrian - sadness deluxe
starfighter - orion
silence after tragedy / the phoenix - split cd
steel rules die - the hemingway solution
shades empire - sinthetic
slick shoes - far from nowhere
strength approach - all the palns we made

thirty two frames - st
the stilettos - making history by repeating it
the god awfuls - next stop armageddon
the chevelles - delerium
tales of dark - fragile monuments
the suicides machines - war profiteering is killing us all
the animals - let it rock
the damnation - evilution
the rites - wish you never knew
the dt’s - hard soul hits vol 1
the loved ones - st
tell your mother - I like you
the skulls - therapy for the shy
the functional blacout - the very best monkees
the peacocks - it’s time for
the stevenson ranch davidians - psalms hymns & spiritual songs
the foamers - st
the lindsay diaries - the tops of trees are on fire
the red chords - fused together in revolving doors
the warriors - genuine sense of outragethe guillaume seam - st
texas thieves - killer on graigs list
third season - courage to care
to kill - st
the ex - the vinyl years 1980 - 1990
the oliver twist band - new tricks and traps
trapped in life - 12 icons
temper temper - st
the invisible eyes - laugh in the dark
toys that kill - flys
the plus ones - it’s a calling

underminded - hail unamerican
uncommonmenfrommars - live on earth

vermefug - wet nightmare

ward churchill - in a pig’s eye
what lies within / death before disco - split cd
wasted - here we go again
whippersnapper - the long walk
waking kills the dream - depending on tommorow
warsawpack - gross domestic product
warsawpack - stocks & bombs
with dead hands rising - the horror grows near
withershin - the hungering void

zeke - live and uncensored
zatopeks - ain’t nobody left us

ben moi j’en ai une petite partie par contre je cherche rien en échange, je vends!

rajouts de cd

rajouts de cd à échanger:

THE FLAMING STARS - named and shamed
THE CHIEFS - holly west crisis
THREATS - gog is not with us today
THE SKULLS - the golden age of piracy
THE PARTISANS - idiot nation
SETTLEFISH - dance a while upset
CIDER BREAKFAST - anti patriotic
DEVONMILES - nine hundred
ISP - rusty ambition
YOUNG CANADIAN - no escape
DOWN AND AWAY - make it matter
HIRESTSUKAN - invasive / exotic
MICO - outside the unbearable grows

mise a jour

pourquoi tu veux pas les acheter?ca fait 2 ans que tu mets ta liste et qu’on prend rien ! j’ai une partie de ces CDs, je te fais un prix si tu veux :slight_smile:

Je te filerai bien NOFX - Heavy Petting Zoo contre ton Paint It Black - New Lexicon