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1er disque d’amis suedois…

Ils viennent d’etre chroniqué dans le Maximum Rock’N’Roll du mois de Novembre…


Vous pouvez ecouter le disque sur leur (nouvelle) page myspace (argh… 3amis deja la classe, surtout paul baribeau) et/ou le telecharger là:

Rupert Murdoch’s Area

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la fameuse chronique:

Maximum Rock’n’roll (November 2005)

KOMMUNEN play Swedish Punk Rock, not hardcore, and do it tight and well.
They have clean guitars as well as a distorted one, and sometimes they
even sound jangly, but always fast, or at least fast-ish. The vocals are
prominent in all the songs, and have a sing song yelling to them. There is
some snotty, almost kid-like taunting going on, too, but maybe that’s just
how they sing. The quality is good, and the songs are catchy, and I am
totally into it.
They also do a K.S.M.B cover. ($2 ppd. 7 song CD, lyrics
included. Språkgränd 23 907 33 Umeå, Sweden.) (Erin)

Aussi dans le moins connu Summer of hate (August 2005)

KOMMUNEN (the name means THE COUNCIL in swedish) play fairly fast old school
swedish punk rock with somewhat theatrical vocals that are sometimes cool and to
the point and sometimes not. It works really well when it ridicules the subject,
as it does in Nya Partiet (The New Party - a short lived swedish right wing party in the late 90’s),
but not really at all when it’s just the singer trying to sound tougher than he is.
I guess their main influence is KSMB, whom they cover with the classic Atomreggae.
A way to show their colours maybe, but not an easy one to improve - and they don’t,
though they do it faster. This may come as a shock to some, but simply speeding a song
up isn’t enough. Opening track Reinfeldt (leader of the swedish Tory/Republican party)
is the best track on this. Good, juvenile punk rock lyrics with a healthy dose of nazi references.
Accusing leading politicians of being ‹ just like Hitler › is punk rock 101.
Balls full of Zyklon B is a new angle, and one I like too. A+.

There’s a song about yet another political party in Sweden (the neo-liberal one)
and one about capitalism (they think it’s - surprise surprise - bad). As you probably have
guessed already KOMMUNEN are a bit to the left. Some of my friends ran a monthly punk rock club
at an opera bar and that was not appreciated by this band, so that gets a song too.
The main complaint is that it was too expensive, and to be fair I’ll admit that it was,
but most of us still had a good time there anyway. It’s just money, you know.
The whole thing is very DIY, cheap and anti-commercial. Recorded for no money at all and
sold to you through their website for 10 SEK (roughly a dollar or a euro).


waou, direct! chroniqué dans MMR…j’ai écouté tres vite sur myspace, j’aime bien, je te prendrais un cd…c’est lui qui est voisin avec un mec de the international noise conspiracy??


ouai c’est le meme gars, qui fait du troc avec des dvd de metallica…
merci pour ton soutien :wink:
ya les traductions en anglais de leurs lyrics sur leur site, c’est tjs utile pour un groupe qui chante en suedois…
et abductee s.d. c’est bien cool au fait, thx :slight_smile:

Regulations :stuck_out_tongue:

T’as des Maximun R’n’r PunkAssFolk ?

Ils chroniquent tout Maximum…

et ils se défoulent venere des fois…(smoke or fire par exemple)

non mais tu peux le trouver sur le oueb ppd pour pas bcp plus que les 4$, pê que les lieux hypes comme born bad ou sonic machine sur paris ont ca, jsais pas…

jsuis ok avec toi, ils chroniquent bcp certe mais ne font pas l’eloge de tout ce qui sort… sont pas manipuler par les fat, victory, drive thru et leur nombreuses copies promos qu’en attendrissent plus d’un :rolleyes:
les kids pensent que smoke or fire c’est cool et font de la bonne musique, ils seraient autoproduit ou sur un label diy jsuis meme pas sur qu’ils auraient un publique a par leur entourage… ca fait tiepe sur disque et sur scene.

2.75 $ sur No Idea Records ! =)

j’avais bien aime smoke or fire moi au groez !