Quelques disques à vendre:

Andrew Jackson Jihad/Ghost Mice
- split (blue) 7€
Castevet- The echo and the light (black) 8€ RESERVE
Defiance Ohio- Midwestern minutes (clear red) 8€ RESERVE
Fugazi- Seven songs 7€
Let’s grow- Disease of modern times 6€
Marked men- Ghosts 8€
NOFX/Rancid- Split 4€ RESERVE
Old Growth- Under the sun 8€
Pulley- 60 cycle hum 6€
Rumspringer- Empty towers 7€
Smalltown- Implosion 8€
Strong as ten-st 6€
Soophie Nun Squad- Passion, sleigh, the dragon 5€
Screeching weasel- Bark like a dog 7e RESERVE
Standstill- The latest kiss 4€
The Arrivals- Marvels of industry 6€
The Loved Ones- Keep your heart 4€ RESERVE


comment oses tu vendre ton Ghosts des Marked Men ??!!???

d’accord avec for the cause !

ceux qui lisent: choppez lui tout de suite !

non mais vous m’autorisez quand même? c’est bon?