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The youths ‹ generationless › - still holding on records - 7" - 3 euros
great punk rock from Portugal! 70’s punk mixed with early 80’s hxc. Amazing!
3 copies left

The observers ‹ walk alone › - la vida es un mus - 7" - 4 euros
great record! Include one of their best song. European version.
3 copies left

Autistic youth ‹ empty eyes › - black water - 7" - 4 euros
great band from Portland. Sounds like the observers!
2 copies left

Career suicide ‹ invisible eyes › - feral ward - 12" - 8 euros
5 titles for that canadian band close to early 80’s hxc bands such as verbal abuse.
2 copies left

Direct control ‹ you’re controlled › - feral ward - 12" - 8 euros
another 2k’s band playing 80’s hxc, great!
2 copies left

Government warning ‹ no moderation › - feral ward - 12" - 8 euros
punk hardcore from richmond, virginia, united states of america.
1 copy left

La fraction ‹ la vie rêvée › - feral ward - 12" - 8 euros
french punk hardcore, lyrics and good vocals in french.
1 copy left

No hope for the kids - feral ward - 12" - 8 euros
must have! Cold and hopeless danish punk from copenhagen, sometimes in english, sometimes in danish.
2 copies left

The vicious - feral ward - 12" - 8 euros
punk rock from sweden in the vein of Gorilla Angreb, great!
1 copy left

The creteens ‹ cocxsucker › - boom chick records - 7" - 4 euros
Third 7" for that paris garage band, awesome new song and 2 old songs, feat some organ parts.
« 1 copy left »

Farewell - impure muzik, dream comes true… - 7" - 3 euros
Screamo hxc from strasbourg, 6 songs, lyrics in french!
2 copies left

Un quarto morto ‹ la semina e il raccolto › - 4 vinyl rec, piccole speranz… 15 labels co prod! - 7" - 3 euros
Fast italian hxc, close to the first Raised Fist records!
4 copies left

Hate/Late compilation - agipunk, soa records, lovehate80, mele marce - double 12" - 12 euros
Double lp compilation with 45 italian bands from the 80’s. A black vinyl (Hate) and a red one (Love). Comes with 48 pages booklet with stories, lyrics, pictures and artworks of each band. Great « Document »!
3 copies left

MRR ‹ Public Safety › - mrr - cd - 7 euros
great compilation from the punk fanzine maximum rock’n’roll gathering current punk, hxc, crust bands. Comes with a big booklet with lyrics and reviewers texts. 26 bands from usa, japan, spain, denmark, sweden, finland, canada ans israel.
7 copies left

Tragedy/Totalitär ‹ split › - armageddon - 7" - 4 euros
two great songs for each band. Awesome. The Tragedy songs were out takes from the 1st LP recording session.
1 copy left

Terrortank ‹ funeralopolice › - giant leeches attack - minicdr spraypainted - 3 euros
noise from Barcelona. It will stimulate your imagination and bleed your ears. Limited edition!
xx copies left

Ohuzaru lp - 625 trash - 12" - 8 euros
« the raging drive of Japanese hardcore, the craziness of early Italian hardcore, and a good dose of straight ahead thrash a la No Comment » (taken from Mad at the World blog).
2 copies left

Lost Boys ‹ fuck you › - autoprod. - K7 - 2 euros
first demo for this band from lyon, in the vein of black flag and early hxc bands! Great!
5 copies left

Extreme Cherokee - giant leeches attack - 7" - 3 euros
furious and crazy hardcore with heavy metal technics, incredible ep, the first Giant Leeches Attack release!
lot of copies available, trades are welcome!

Monsieurpo ‹ there was life… › - giant leeches attack - cd - 6 euros
7 songs for 22 minutes of pure metal hardcore. Edge metal riffing, heavy mosh parts. The second Giant Leeches Attack release!
lot of copies available, trades are welcome!

The Intelligence - holy cobra society - 7" - 4 euros
lof-fi-over-distorted-sound-in-the-red-garage from san francisco great!
1 copy left

As We Bleed ‹ harsh means of answer against compromise › - emergence, marvel music motion - cd - 6 euros
first album for this french band, destructured hardcore in the vein of bands like converge and botch. Cool!
4 copies left

A.N.S. ‹ romancing the phone › - txos records - 7" - 3 euros
A.N.S. stands for « anti-new school », you know what you’ll get with that old school/skatecore band from TEXAS!
1 copy left

Vitamin X ‹ pissed off › - take 4 collective - cd - 8 euros
« best of » cd to support the south asian tour of that great nederland band. 36 songs!
1 copy left

Get Lost ‹ unity is fucking dead › - high hopes, eternalis, kawaii, positively negative - cd - 6 euros
firt record for the most famous old school straight edge band from paris!
1 copy left

Astro ‹ the shaped lines › - cité de chenilles - cd - 5 euros
first release for this emo/screamo band from paris, great layout hand-drawn by the singer’s daughter and obviously great music too.
4 copies left

No Hay Deaz ‹ #3 › - arggghhh!!! records - cd - 7 euros
intense post-rock from Lille.
1 copy left

Chachi Arcola, Booter, Pavlov, Krapnek - kwaiirecords - double 7" - 5 euros
4 way split between 4 french bands, from emo to crust passing by noisypunk, nice gatefold package.
1 copy left

Strong As Ten - shogun records - 7" - 3 euros
fast hardcore from Metz, include a minor threat cover!
2 copies left

Danny O’Really ‹ music for unusual people › - solitude records - cd - 7 euros
guitar noise from Amsterdam, play it loud to get the police at your front door.
1 copy left

Youssouf Today/Operation Eat Shit - emergence, no sex til’ death, wee wee - 7" - 3 euros
2 french bands, fastcore for Youssouf Today(Rouen) and punkhxc for Operation Eat Shit(Lilles).
4 copies left

Charogne Stone ‹ schtern › - boum coeur records, kawaiirecords, emergence, wee wee - 7" - 3 euros
french duo, grinding part, metal hints, brutaltruth-like.
2 copies left

L.E.Ä.R.N. ‹ first lesson › - coprod with 12 labels - 7" - 3 euros
fast hardcore in the vein of seein’red, cool!
3 copies left

Burst Up ‹ pure fast armageddon › - porrozine, accidia, 1899diy, parlermohxc - cd - 3 euros
powerviolence hardcore ala Spazz from italia!
3 copies left

rooo j’te prendrais bien le 12" de direct control moi !

bah dit moi à quels concerts tu vas prochainement et je te l’apporte,
confirme moi quand meme par mail ou mp.

et t’es sûr que tu veux pas d’autres disques en plus histoire de m’enrichir?


boarf j’sais pas, j’t’ai pécho 3 Extreme Cherokee, c’est déjà bien non ?
bon vazy, fous m’en un 4ème de côté alors, Blam en voulait un…

sinon à quel concert je vais bientôt ? j’sais pas trop en fait !
à mon grand regret je m’vois dans l’impossibilité d’aller au concert de chuck ce soir, donc je sais pas trop à quand ça nous repousse !

Tu veux pas des fanzines pour ta distro ?

hey garde moi le creteens enculeR de ta mer

il est réservé le creteens

c’est quoi ton zine rafou?

glaphil tu vas à la miroiterie ce soir?

J’aimerais bien te prendre le 7" d’Extreme Cherokee et celui d’A.N.S.

non je suis malade, fait chier je voulais voir warsawasraw!

mais je te les met de côté si tu veux et je te les passes au prochain concert!

connarE va

C’est cool de me l’avoir réservé comme convenu Phil, t’auras qu’à me filer le EP des Creteens la prochaine fois qu’on se verra

Ah ouais ça marche,merci, on se tient au jus pour un prochain concert.

viens au hideout mercredi sinon

Ouais Chris, vient au Hide Out mercredi !

Et Louise, viens aussi au Hide Out, promis cette fois on te snobera pas

salut moi je voulais juste dire à glaphil que je veux rien dans sa distro.

il m’a promis des singles jay reatard que j’attends tjrs

haaaaahahaha HAHAHA

Je vais plus au Hideout, c’est trop mal fréquenté maintenant.

rip hideout rip