les trucs nouveaux avec un * devant


2€ (15€ les 10)
7TH RAIL CREW “Seven years of bad luck”-Capo (USA)-97 (4t) : A mix of fusion, metal and NYHC.
ABALIENATION “Booze & braces”-Beer city (USA)-97 (5t) : Traditional US enraged hardcore punk featuring Guy Carlier.
ACADEMY MORTICIANS “Consumerism is an STD”-Crackle (UK)-99 (6t) : Crazy punk rock but not insane, sheeps on cover!
BAD TASTE “I take kawa without sugar because I am a man”-Sarce et attrape (FR)-96 (3t) : Heavy HxC.
BLITZ BABIES “M17”-Kangaroo (AUS)-94 (4t) : Australian hardcore punk with a female voice.
BULET PROOF “S/T”-Beer city (USA) (4t) : Angry punk rock hardcore, US style!
CABAL “Meanwhile, back at the ranch…”-Moo cow (CAN)-96 (4t) : 80’s punk skardcore style ala Big Boys, red wax!
DIET OF WORMS “Aren’t you angry ?”-Old world (USA)-84 (6t) : Old Raw HxC punk from nowhere. Raw sound too!
DMB “S/T”-Strive/X-mist (GER)-92 (4t) : Old dark & brutal hardcore, cool insert.
DOWN & AWAY “Rising up”-Dirty punk (SWE) (4t) : Good melodic streetpunk stuff in the Swedish VOAG tradition.
FAKE HIPPY “S/T”-DIY (FR)-95 (3t) : HxC punk with some melodies.
FARCIAL “S/T”-Thought crime (SWE) (3t) : Loud noisy cumshot hardcore stuff.
FLOODPLAIN “S/T”-Freight (USA)-94 (3t) : Groovy HxC with noise influence and Neurosis shirts!
GRIN “Part of me”-Break even point (USA)-88 (4t) : Old school melodic HxC ala Uniform Choice with a Mahoney brotha.
LES ABLETTES “Jeunesse sauvage/Guerillero”-Polydor (FR)-87 (2t) : French rock tradition.
LIFESITE/OUTLOOK “Split”-New lifeshark (USA)-95 (4t) : Slow emocore meets a bit mad HxC, good insert.
LOS REZIOS/TODSCHICKER “Split”-DIY (PERU/GER)-01 : 2 original crusty hardcore punk bands with a big insert.
MY 3 SCUM/ THE CONFEDERATS “Split”-Smog Veil (USA) (4t) : Punk’n’roll for M3S and good punk HxC for TC, red wax!
*ORDER OF IMPORTANCE “S/T”-Valrico (USA) (3t) : Straight edge torturate hardcore from Florida.
PHP “Incompletodisordine”-Goodwill (ITA)-00 (5t) : Modern old school hardcore with crunchy sung.
PISSED MOUTHY TROLLOPS “Hazard!”-Weird (UK) (4t) : Uptempo crusty punk with ska hints and female vocal.
POLIKARPA Y SUS VICIOSAS “Ep.”-Darbouka/Prejudice/Campary/Filth-ear (COL)-01 (6t) : Beautiful latino ladies play approximate punk but they’re very beautiful!
POTAGE “Berlusco no”-DIY (ITA)-90 (2t) : One side punk, one side ska, Berlusconi with a comb, still hot !!
PRANK “S/T”-B-core (SWE)-91 (6t) : Melodischmut nordic hardcore style.
SACRED ORDER “The return of the paranoids”-Beer city (USA)-96 (5t) : Nihilistic hardcore’n’roll.
SCAB “Sixth and New-York”-Diffusion/Carburetor (USA)-94 (4t) : Brutal post HxC.
SECOND THOUGHT “They tore it down…”-School bust (SWE)-99 (7t) : Great commited & powerful old school hardcore, a better Refused!
SICK DOGS “Real end of the century punk rock”-DIY (ITA)-99 (3t) : Rock’n’rawl punk.
SOCIAL VIRUS/STN “Graveyard scene”-Alienated/Generic (USA)-98 (8t) : Crusty hardcore punk with a cool drawn insert, red wax!
SOUL FOR SALE “S/T”-Bonzen (GER)-92 (3t) : Between OS101 and Lard, ha ha ha, try it! White wax!
SPAZBOY/NOTHING COOL “Split”-Small budget (USA)-95 (4t) : Punk HxC melodic not too generic and a bit rough, cool.
STRIKE “S/T”-Koter/ASB (GER)-95 (5t) : Fast, slow or moshy HxC with strange drums sound, but they got the fun!
SUBJUGATED “Up the punx!”-Beer city (USA)-97 (8t) : Hatepunkcore!
TERROR CAKE “S/T”-Burrito (USA)-90 (4t) : Post punk with female voice.
THE ABORTED “Mushroom sunset”-Punk’n’vomit (USA)-02 (4t) : Punk angriness and hardcore brutality, that’s the program!
THE BRUTALITIES “Police brutality”-Aquileja (ITA) (6t) : Fresh punk hardcore from the boot’s country !
THE CRUSTIES “S/T”-Beer city (USA)-97 (2t) : 80’s punk hardcore style ala Circle Jerks.
THE DIALTONES “Playing the beat on the radio”-Dead beat (USA) (3t) : Great punk rock with r’n’r influences from LA.
THE DOUBLE CROSS “What you don’t know is one less thing they have to lie about”-Beer city (USA) (7t) : New Jersey arghcore!
THE JERKOFFS “S/T”-Beer city (USA)-97 (8t) : Good compromise of punk and hardcore as in the early 80’s.
THE SUPPRESION SWING “Just a word”-New age (USA)-95 (4t) : A mix of old school HxC, emo, melo with a yelling voice.
THE THIRD DEGREE “S/T”-Firm/Indecision (USA)-98 (2t) : Not usual skatecore stuff, more slow and angry, cool cover!
THE SHOWCASE SHOWDOWN “Soothing moments”-Beer city (USA)-96 (3t) : Punk’n’rawl!
THOSE WHO SURVIVED THE PLAGUE “25 years”-Sacro egoismo (GER)-98 (2t) : Emotive hardcore as in the late 80’s.
THUMBS UP “Building an army”-Rodent popsicle (USA)-02 (5t) : Angry hardcore punk with a gun on cover, grrrr!
ULTRA ORANGE “Ride”-Extune (GER)-96 (2t) : Punk melodic with 2 vocalists, clear blue wax!
UP IN ARMS “S/T”-Day after (GER)-93 (4t) : Jump up bastardz, groovy moshy core in ya facez and red wax f’ya mo’o’faka turntable!
V/A-ASCEND TO THE STARS (Steadfast/Stroke/Up right/One day closer) Threesome (4t) : New school HxC, blue wax!
V/A-…FROM OUR HEARTS (Relief/D.Fens/Endwise) Pathfinder-97 (3t) : Emo melo hardpop.
V/A-CAMEL CITY BOMB SQUAD (Day Seven/Naked Angels/Squatweiler/IQ Nine) Groovecore-94 (4t) : Punk, indie rock, hardcore, emo, what else?
V/A-INTOLERANCE (Open season/Chemical posse/Immoral majority/By all means) Aarghh!-93 (4t) : Italy hardcore punk to NYHC against racism.
V/A-OLD WORLD (Cry of terror/Wind of C/Dirge/Conspiracy of equal) Old world-90? (4t) : Old school to melodic HxC. No cover but I can draw one for you if you want.
V/A-RAT TOWN COMP #1 (12 Fl. Oz./Ringworm/Jug or not/TJ hookers) Rat town-97 (6t) Cool comp from skatecore ala JFA from brutal HxC or melodic stuff.
V/A-SUPREME IMPOSTERS (Flat earth/Ultimate warning/Tiny giants)-IMP (GER)-94 (6t) : Classic mid 90’s german metallic and groovy HxC, it’s a live!
VERNON WALTERS “Last live”-Let’s make our own (HOL)-90 (6t) : Punk rock melodic.
VIOLENT SUBVERSITY “The few & far between”-Wise ass (USA)-01 (5t) : Fast US streetpunk.
WAVELENGTH “Caposul”-Outback (USA)-92 (2t) : Crazy strident (?!) HxC.
X-WOOLHEAD “Information”-Sound company (GER)-91 (2t) : Melodic HxC with rock and old school influences.
ZEMEZLUC “Staci jenom chtit”-Papagajuv Hlasatel (CZ)-98 (6t) : Brutal punk with hardcore and oi! hints from eastern Europe, transparent wax!

4€ et +
4 SIVITS “The fire still burns”-Justjoy (GER)-97 (8t) : Cool hardcore with NY influences, rare pressing in translucid red+black wax! 5€
90 PROOF “No respect”-One by one (USA)-95 (3t) : American angry oi! 5€
ABOLITION “Jesus was a fuckin dick”-Equality/Homemade (GER)-89 (6t) : Old brutal HxC with metal and influences, grey wax! 5€
AT ANY COST “Power of the mind”-Back ta basics (USA)-96 (3t) : Slow and dark death metallic NYH, think to One last sin.
BACKLASH “Second coming”-Back ta basics (USA) (3t) : Old school hardcore mixed with post NYHC, original.
BLOODY COAT HANGERS “S/T”-Will-E (USA)-94 (5t) : Chigaco hardcore punx, red wax!
BOOT PARTY “Your fate”-Vulture rock (USA)-95 (3t) : Traditionnal US Oi! with an aggressive touch, excellent artwork! 5€
BOUNCING SOULS “The argyle”-Chunksaah (NY)-93 (3t) : First 7” for this old school melodic NYHC band, Bordeaux wax! 6€
BREAD & WATER/REASON OF INSANITY “Split”-Burrito (USA) (9t) : B&W is punk hardcore with a girl voice and ROI the same, but more crusty, excellent insert!
COMIN CORRECT/DIRTNAP “Split”-Back ta basics (USA)-95 (4t) : NYHC bleuargh for CC, more punk stuff for Dirtnap.
DAYMARE “S/T”-Ratbone/Stonehenge (FR)-03 (5t) : Good crusty hardcore punk with a girl at voice. Excellent artwork.
*DIE TORNADOS/CURLEE WURLEE! “Split”-Hoehnie (GER)-04 (4t) : German punk rock bands who love Paris play a mix of rock & soul with a Gainsbourg cover!
*EVIL ARMY “Conquer human life”-Contaminated (USA)-03 (4t) : This is not French RAC but thrashing crossover hardcore not unlike RKL, Beowülf.
EXPATRIATE “No sleep till Chugwater”-Mosh pit (USA)-87 (5t) : Old crossover band who spit on Megadeth and steal the riffs of Suicidal Tendencies. 7€
EYE 2 EYE/GROUNDZERO “Split”-Back ta basics (USA) (4t) : Slow and dark metallic hardcore ala All out war.
EYELID “Conflict’s invitation”-Indecision (USA)-99 (3t) : Torturated hardcore with old school bases.
FISTICUFFS “Riot association”-Fistfight (USA) (6t) : Brutal and fast hardcore ala Infest.
GANGLAND “Lost & found”-Lanterna (ITA)-82/84-95 (2t) : Rare Italian Oi! 7”, think to Rough or Nabat. 6€
*GATHER « S/T »-New Eden (USA)-04 (5t) : Dark crusty metal vegetarian hardcore, good inner sleeve and green wax!
HARDSIDE/DEVICE “Split”-Daredevil (FR)-98 (3t) : Normandie brutal NYHC style ! 5€
JUST US “S/T”-Deathbox (GER)-95 (5t) : If you like Germany and Cro Mags, you’ll like this shit.
LANDFILL « S/T »-DIY (NY)-93 (2t) : Old pessimistic metal HxC in the NY tradition… Green wax!
LRF “6 day’s rage”-Crânes blasés (IND)-96/99 (3t) : Rare Indonesian oi! on this French label, transparent wax! 6€
MAJORITY OF ONE/INTRICATE “Live in Europe”- Lund castle core (USA/GER)-91 (6t) : 90’s old school hxc live with covers. 5€
MALLORKAOS “S/T”-FragmentGuerilla vinilo/Tupa-tupa/Punkaway (SPA)-01 (9t) : TERRIBLE old school hardcore with a SSD cover, get it now!!
MIND OVER MATTER “S/T”-Wreck age (NY)-92 (4t) : Original & torturate 90’s NYHC.
MONSTER X “Attrition”-Ebullition (USA)-95 (8t) : Cult straight edge grindcore 1st ep, they cover Unity’s “P.M.A.” on it, yaha! Red wax! 6€
MUDDLEHEAD/SHORTFUSE “Split”-Back ta basics (USA) (5t) : NYHC, Bulldoze style.
MURDER SUICIDE PACT “Lobotomy kit”-Burrito (USA)-98 (4t) : Brutal punk hardcore across Negative Approach and Poison idea, clear wax!
MUDDLEHEAD/SHORTFUSE “Split”-Back ta basics (USA) (5t) : NYHC, Bulldoze style.
NO COMPROMISE/STRENGTH/COMIN CORRECT “Split”-Back ta basics (USA/JAP) (5t) : Aggressive NYHC, CC covers Negative Approach haha.
NO WIN SITUATION “Rat bastards”-Nawpost (NY)-92 (7t) : Excellent and hard to find NYHC from 92, across A.F. first era and Sheer Terror demos, get it! 6€
OKTOBR “S/T”-Yellow dog (SWE) (6t) : Swedish fast & intense hardcore with a screaming voice.
OUT OF SPITE “Split”-Back ta basics (USA) (4t) : Miami brutal NYHC style, representin’ blablabla.
PROPHECY OF RAGE “Restless”-Mad mob (GER)-94 (5t) : Mix the darkness of Integrity with the brutality of Next Step Up.
RESERVE 34 “S/T”-Moo cow (CAN)-98 (7t) : Cool old school hardcore with a dose of punk and modernity.
RIGHT DIRECTION/BEOWULF “Split”-Lost & found (USA/HOL)-94 (4t) : Venice beach suckaz VS M-town rebels, hardcore style! Red wax! 5€
*SEVEN GENERATIONS/GATHER « S/T »-New Eden (USA)-05 (4t) : 7G is brutal moshing metal HxC and G dark metallic crustcore.
SHANK BUZZ “Mr Public”-Too damn hype (USA) (5t) : Great groovy NYHC on this angry label!
SHOT DEAD “S/T”-Ammonia/Moo cow (USA) (8t) : Hardcore ala Infest, Negative Approach, ggrrr.
SLUDGE “S/T”-True strength (NY)-98 (2t) : Heavy & silly metal HxC, green wax!
TERRORAIN “1988 Demo”-Burrito (UK)-88/90 (7t) : Ggggrrrrr… for fans of Siege, Deep Wound, Infest or other melo sound ha ha! Grey wax!
TEST OF TIME “Refugee”-Inner rage (USA)-91 (4t) : Really good HxC between Bold energy and No escape intensity, hé hé!
THE BAD FORM “S/T”-Mad at the world (USA)-00 (5t) : Angry and powerful old school hardcore.
THE NEIGHBORS “The more money one has, the more important is one’s life”-Kangaroo (USA)-98 (14t) : Old school hardcore fury, a faster Negative Approach!
THE REAL ENEMY “Too little…too late”-625/Underestimated (USA) (5t) : Between old school hardcore, modern crap and thrashcore style, good stuff!
*THIS TIME TOMORROW « The learning »-New Eden (USA)-05 (4t) : New wave of US edge metal invasion, aaaaaahhhh!
TIEBREAK “Stand hard”-Crucial response (NOR)-98 (8t) : Terrible youth crew hardcore from THE year, aaaahhhh, jump high bastard!
ULTIMATED WARNING “Times”-Revelation time (GER)-91 (5t) : Between Sheer Terror & Cro Mags, grrrr!
UNWRITTEN LAW “Do you believe in justice…”-Mad mob (GER)-95 (4t) : The german answer to Agnostice Front, NYHC! Yellow wax!
UP RIGHT “Memories do last”-Crapchord (GER) (4t) : European NYHC style before True Blue, No Turning Back and that kind of stuff. Blue wax.
WAR TIME MANNER/TWO BY FOUR “Split”-Back ta basics (USA) (5t) : Pre-Hatebreed metalcore stuff.
V/A-ALBANY STYLE HARDCORE (By the throat/Police line/Devoid of faith/Monster X) Gloom-99 (6t) : Great hardcore comp, fast & angry.
V/A-CONFEDERACY OF SCUM (Antiseen/Hellstomper/Rancid Vat/Cocknoose/Limecell) Carbon 14-97 (5t) : Brutal American streetpunk. 5€
V/A-SKULLS (Tear it up/Real shit/A.vo/Outcold/Yawp!/Seein’ red/Milkman/Neighbors/Rawride/Creeping jesus/Deadstare) Kangaroo (12t) : Furious hardcore!!!

ACREDINE “S/T”-Vacation house (ITA)-97 (5t) : Old school melodic punk hardcore. 4€
BIONIC “S/T”-Double A (GER)-90 (4t) : Cool punk HxC, slow or mid tempo, with a few guitar masturbations! 3€
BRODY’S MILITIA “Hates you”-Murder (USA)-02 (13t) : Imagine if Negative Approach has played crust… red wax! 7€
CLAPTRAP “S/T”-Crossed hammers (ITA)-86 (14t) : Punk, oi!, ska from Italy, think to Shockin TV, Basta. Rare LP. 15€
CLONMACNOISE ‘Memorie e colpe’-Step ahead (ITA)-98 (10t) : Brutal HxC, not too metal. 5€
CROWD OF ISOLATED “I try to tell about a way”-X-mist (GER)-87 (12t) : Old european hardcore punk style. 7€
DA MUTTZ “Wassup!”-Eternal (UK)-00 (2t) : You know the famous soda ad… Same in music! 1€
DEVIATED INSTINCT “Guttural breath”-Peaceville (UK)-89 (10t) : Interesting dark crust metal, frightened! 6€
DOZEN FACE ‘Lost ground’-Snoop (GER)-91 (4t) : Good old melodic HxC. 3€
*FIG 4.0 “Action image exchange”-Bombed out (UK)-02 (17t) : Excellent hardcore ala RKL with a lot of influences (thrash, melo, crossover, etc…), red wax! 7€
HOPE & ANARCHY “From the day”-RPL (UK)-95 (4t) : Slow and dark commited rap from London, there’s even an ode to ollie! 6€
LUDICHRIST “Powertrip”-Relativity/We bite (USA)-88 (11t) : Famous Ny thrash metal hardcore crossover with fun, nikes and caps! 10€
*ONCLE SLAM “First attack”-Jungle hop (FR)-89 (11t) : First NYHC band from France! They later fomed Hate Force, don’t miss it, rare record. 15€
PANICO “Ultimo”-Fork boys (ITA)-01 (4t) : Emo melodic HxC. 2€
PHANTASIX “Im reich des schwachsinns”-KO (GER)-89 (8t) : Old german punkcore r’n’r stuff. 6€
RADICAL DEVELOPMENT”S/T”-Navigator (GER)-94 (8t) : Brutal HxC with heavy breaks or other good angry speed parts. 5€
SCATTERBRAIN “Here comes trouble”-In effect (NY)-90 (12t) : Metallic hardcore fusion between Cro Mags, Leeway & Suicidal. 9€
*SWAMPSURFERS “Varied food for lost minds”-Hageland (BEL)-87 (12t) : Old Belgian HC punk band between melodic Angry Samoans stuff and Bad Religion. 10€
*TINY GIANTS “The best I can”-Strive/X-mist (GER)-92 (6t) : Excellent moshing and brutal early european NYHC with a Cro-mags feeling. 8€
V/A-HARDCORE 93 (Hazardous waste/Hartaus/Invaasio/Wind of pain/Fleshdance/Contradict/Olotila/Uutuus) Assent-94 (29t) : Finnish style, beuargh! 5€
V/A-SCREAMING FOR A BETTER FUTURE vol.1 (FFF/Rubber gun/Verdun/Attanas/Scarecrow/etc…) Campary/Teenage Rebel (16t) : 80’s punk & hardcore. Rare. 12€
V/A-SCREAMING FOR A BETTER FUTURE vol.2 (Crucial Youth/So much hate/Refugees/Life cycle/Broken toys…) Campary/Weed (17t) : 80’s punk & hardcore. Rare. 12€

187 “One eight seven”-Snoop (USA)-96 (16t) : Gangsta groovy NY hardcore style. 7€
25 TA LIFE “Best of friends enemies”-AOV (USA)-03 (8t) : Well-known NYHC, Agnostic & Minor Threat’s covers. 7€
44DTC “Marre de leurs conneries”-Wake up! (FR)-05 (7t) : At last the mini album of this good French funny NYHC band, dance hard or die! 8€
5 DE MENOS “Avanzado”-Direccion positiva/78 life (ARG)-03 (13t) : Angry old school NYHC in the vein of Judge. 7€
ADJUDGEMENT “Information fallen to rock bottom”-Vacation house (GER)-02 (19t) : Good and original old to new school Hxc with a BURN cover! 7€
ANAL THUNDER “Cheap wine and quality wine”-Hell’s tone (FIN)-03 (6t) : Finnish porno melodic streetpunk. 3€
*ART DEGENERE “Un monde devenu fou”-DIY (SWI)-05 (14t) : Swiss commited punk sung in french. 3€
CENTRAL NERVOUS SYSTEM “Reality check”-We Bite (UK)-94 (8t) : Original dark and low metallic hardcore with a beatbox and hip hop influences. 6€
CLAUDE NOUGARO “Toulouse”-Mercury (FR)-84/00 (15t) : French chansong à son meilleur, punk lyrics, cd still sous cellophane ! 5€
COMIN CORRECT “One scene unity”-Goodlife (USA)-98 (17t) : Doggish NYHC with lives, covers, bonus, tshirts, jerzees, check the distro!! 8€
*COMMON ENEMY “Last night skate”-Horror business (USA)-04 (17t) : Excellent California-styled skate core thrash, circle moshing rules! 8€
*DARK INTENTIONS “Remorse will die today”-Pure & simple (GER)-05 (5t) : Brutal mosh metal ala Born from pain. 6€
DENIED/BEATDOWN FURY “Live in sin…face death in judgement”-FWH (USA/UK)-03 (8t) : All out war style for D and tuning HxC for BDF with Knuckledust’s singer. 8€
DIEGO PALLAVAS “S/T”-Kanal Hysterik (FR)-05 (15t) : Classic french punk rock along the tradition. 7€
DISTURB “The last resort”-LOF (FR) (7t) : Metallic HxC with dancing parts. 6€
*DOA “War on 45”-Sudden death (CAN)-05 (18t) : Dead Or Alive singles from 1979 to 2005, punk hardcore to the point ! 9€
*DOA “Live free or die”-Sudden death (CAN)-04 (20t) : The last album of the canadian veteran, from hardcore to punk to reggae ! 8€
EDGEWISE “Silent rage”-Gain ground (USA)-90 (8t) : Old dark and powerful NYHC sound, great. 7€
EMSCHERKURVE 77 “Die macht vom niederrhein”-Knocked-out (GER)-01(4t) : Cool beer streetpunk with a Pogues cover and a football chant. 4€
EX-CATHEDRA “2x4=”-Tartan (UK)-02 (12t) : Clash’s “Combat rock” type punk. 6€
FACTION ZERO “Liberation”-IJT (USA)-97 (17t) : Excellent old school HYHC fast and positive, get it ! 7€
FRAKTURE “Check point”-West sound (BZH)-04 (18t) : Old punk rock wave from Rennes 1980, sung in deutsch/English/French, rare & excellent! 10€
FUERZA DE LUCHA “…Intenta comprender”-Invisible (SPA)-6t (00) : In My Eyes old school hardcore rip-off. 5€
FUGLEMEN “Memento mori”-Oracle (AUS)-99 (8t) : Calm and jazzy rap stuff from Australia. 6€
FULLSTOP “2001 fullstop odyssey”-Hannibal’s/Condor (SWI)-01 (13) : Brutal & metallic Hardcore from swiss with 2 rap featurings, yo! 8€
*GRIP “Friction burn fatal”-New age (USA)-93 (4t) : Straight edge moshcore ala Chokehold, Downcast. 4€
HANOVER SAINTS “Truth rings out”-Facedown (USA)-02 (13t) : This is not Christian metal but good US streetpunk, check it! 8€
HATEBREED “Under the knife”-Grapes of wrath (USA) (7t) : The European vesion of the famous first records of the metalstarcore band! 8€
KEVLAR HC “Enduring scar”-Vacation house (ITA)-01 (11t) : Brutal NYHC not unlike Madball & Killing Time. 6€
MADBALL “N.Y.H.C.”-GSR (NY)-04 (4t) : The return of the most known NYHC band, 4 ttracks before their alst “Legacy” full length. 5€
MIGRA VIOLENTA “Superficial”-9 labels! (ARG)-03 (14t) : I think I couldn’t find a better situation to say that a cd is… THRASHCORE DIY, so I say it! 7€
MOVILVISSION “La vereda del sol”-DIY (ARG)-05 (15t) : Traditional south american hardcore punk with a lot of influences. 5€
MURDUM “Just lower yourself”-DIY (FR)-06 (4t) : Death metal melodic!! 4€
N.A.O.P. “Full contact”-Hardboiled (GER)-99 (14t) : A kind of Right Dirtection, but more aggressive! Not bad. 8€
NEVER FACE DEFEAT “Remember your heartbeat”-DRA (GER)-02 (5t) : Boring metalcore ala Hatebreed. 5€
*NEW SOCIETY OF ANARCHISTS “Come out swingin”-Turkey Vulture (USA)-04 (11t) : Blasting hardcore between NY stuff or crossover bands like SOD. 8€
NO TURNING BACK “The horrible truth”-Bust! (HOL)-01 (5t) : Brutal & angry NYHC with raw voice ala Madball. 6€
ONE DAY CLOSER “Songs of silence”-Coalition (HOL)-97 (9t) = Good HxC between old & new school, mix Mainstrike & Spawn héhé! 7€
*OUBLIETTE „Cries of the peaceful“-New Eden (USA)-05 (6t) : Torturate vegan metal mosh metal angry metal. 6€
PAINT THE TOWN RED “Pt.II: Home is where the hate is”-Join the team player (USA) (13t) : Modern hardcore not unlike The Promise, Hope Conspiracy. 8€
PASCOW “Geschichten, die einer schrieb…”-Cargo/Plastic bomb (GER)-05 (13t) : Great german punk rock not unlike Terrorgrüppe. 8€
PROOF “S/T”-Mad mob (GER)-97 (9t) : Brutal and moshing NYHC, good stuff. 7€
PROTEX BLUE „Muckrackin“-Sauf imprévu/Small budget/Shark attack (FR)-00 (8t) : French punk rock with ska & reggae hints, think to Clash or Ruts. 6€
PUNCHLINE „Keep your friends close“-Keep the spirit alive/Burnside (AUT)-03 (14t) : Brutal and angry NYHC not unlike Madball. 7€
*PURIFIED IN BLOOD „Last leaves of a poisoned tree“-New Eden (USA)-05 (7t) : Vegan christian deathian metallian hardcore. 6€
SCREAM „Live at the black cat“-Torque (USA)-98 (20t) : Washington Dischord hardcore punk legend live in 96, slam your bedroom! 8€
SHORTLIFE „S/T“-Backside (SPA)-98 (9t) : Latino old school NYHC with a 59 Times The Pain cover, cool! 6€
*SIMBA „Discours pour le peuple“-Fonkick (FR)-06 (21t) : Rennes paced Rap back on da map ! 9€
SKARE TACTIC „Remember when“-Thorp (USA) (11t) : Brutal NYHC between Terror and Shutdown with integrity typed artwork! 8€
SKUNK ALLSTARS „Bleeding hearts & smiling faces“-Wolverine (GER)-02 (13t) : Original ska punk with a lot of influences (Rap, reggae, hardcore, etc…), not bad! 7€
*SLAM SQUAD „Sould“-Carved in stone (HOL) (7t) : Early 90’s Brutal HxC with fast thrash and NYHC parts. 6€
SLOWCOACH „Spread the fury“-BCS (FR)-01 (6t) : Brutal metallic HxC with inside Conflict members. 5€
*STAND AS ONE „Doubt“-DIY (GER) (6t) : Chaotic 90’s NYHCstyle. 5€
STERBEHILFE „47 menschen, ein wunsch“-RSR (GER)-00 (21t) : Grind core madness, incredible voice! 6€
*SUBZERO « Happiness without peace »-Century media (NY)-97 (13t) : Excellent groovy NYHC album of the 90’s, original and varied. 9€
TAKE SHIT BACK “Too late for apologies…”-Rudeboi (FR)-04 (13t) : Old school punk hardcore, swedish style. Nice digipack. 8€
*TINY GIANTS “The planet’s words”-Dread naught (GER)-94 (12t) : Mid 90’s slow, dark and metallic NYHC. 7€
UNUN “Super shiny dreams”-Bad taste (USA)-95 (14t) : Punk rock with girl sung. 3€
USUAL SUSPECTS “Garvaghy road”-Combat rock (FR)-02 (12t) : French streetpunk with melodies and UK influences. 8€
USUAL SUSPECTS “Sur les murs”-Combat rock (FR)-04 (6t) : French streetpunk with melodies and UK influences. 5€
VOMITOSE “Ode”-Noise product (SWI)-94 (10t) : A big melting pot with metal, rock, blues, punk, hardcore and some more in a digipack, not bad! 5€
V/A-AND THE NIGHTMARE BEGINS (Bounz the ball/Woof/New ground/Not enough/Swellbellys…) ENR/Hot Cheese (25t) : Wordwide Hxc comp with mostly NY/old school stuff. 7€
*V/A-EL CAMBIO EMPIEZA EN MI (Asunto/Colligere/Forever true/Nueva etica/Sangre joven…) Decision personal-04 (30t) : Great South America hardcore. 6€
V/A-GRAND CHIC (Sho/Wize/Sam’s/L’artilleur/Slam/L’acoustic rap band/Da10keuss/Xrated/Sempoz/Mission 101/Don shane) DIY-05 (16t) : Hip Hop Toulouse. 5€
V/A-ONLY THE STRONG MCMXCIX (No Innocent Victim/Vision/Inhuman/Kill Your Idols/Agnostic/Built 2 Last/Hoods…) Victory-99 (14t) : Excellent HxC comp! 9€
V/A-STILL GOING STRONG (Blood for blood/AF/Vision/Stars & stripes/On the rise/Slumlords/Tech-9/Slapshot/Krutch/Uppercut…) I Scream-04 : NYHC worldwide! 6€
WITH ONE INTENT “Leaving it all behind”-RPP (USA)-98 (6t) : Brutal & Dark NYHC ala mid 90’s stuff! 7€
WOPTIME “Live at El paso”-DIY (ITA)-02 (18t) : Hot & Brutal NYHC live with a Cro-Mag cover! 7€
WOPTIME “Mi vida loca”-Brutus (ITA)-04 (9t) : Brutal sexual NYHC between Blood For Blood & Madball. 7€
YUPPICIDE “Live”-AKW (NY)-95 (12t) : Cult NYHC punk live in Germany with a Negative Approach cover, youhou ! 8€

PROMO/DEMO/CD-R (Tout à 2€ !)
*BEAR IN MIND “As the world sinks deeper…”-DIY (FR)-05 (6t) : Excellent new fresh & French hardcore band between old school Misconduct style and modern Ensign.
BUTTER BEANS “The golden guidon spirit”-6sons/Such hard (BZH)-00 (8t) : Classic ska punk with two voices.
CLEARVIEW “The time is now to make the attack”-DIY (BRA)-03 (8t) : Brutal old school HxC from Sao Paulo, intro-bust!
CONDKOI “Evilution”-Skalopards anonymes (FR) (12t) : Original hardcore punk from the south with reggae influences.
CROSSFIRE “Hard bleeding truth”-Burnside (AUT) (5t) : Brutal Oi! mixed with Eurocore, back in M-Town!
FIRST FAILURE “Demo 2005”-DIY (FR)-05 (5t) : Intense and well done post old school hardcore in the vein of Turning Point or Gorilla Biscuits.
GET LOST “Demo 2005”-High Hopes (FR)-05 (6t) : It’s time to mosh motherfuckers, Paris straight edge hardcore pride, so what what what?
ONE STEP OUT “Démo”-DIY (FR)-05 (6t) : It’s LA in Tours! Punk rock melo.
OUELO “L’alpha et l’omega”-DIY (FR)-05 (12t) : Funny electro punk with political lyrics.
POISON IVY “Cosmic trash”-Planet trash (SWI)-97 (17t) : Loud and heavy punk rock with r’n’r influences.
PROJECT MAD “Demo”-DIY (KOR)-03 (7t) : Aggressive and moshy brutal hardcore between Cleveland, NY and Boston.
STRAYLIGHT RUN “S/T”-Victory (USA)-04 (11t) : For the fans of Avril Lavigne, if you want to cry, get it! MOTHERFUCKIN’ FREE!
STRIKE BACK “Demo”-DIY (FR) (6t) : Pre-Still Rise, moshing metal from Grenoble (sung in French!).
THE FORECAST “Late night conversations”-Victory (USA)-05 (10t) : Emo, indie-rock, punk… I don’t care!

TAPE (2€)
ABSURD “S/T”-Zima (POL) (9t) : Strange and slow punk from the dark side of Europe, hin hin hiiinnn.
HATE “XXI century”-Hate (BOL)-96 (7t) : Hate + metal + hardcore + South America.
N.V.U. ‘A v noci jet ma…”-Strilek (CZ)-96 (14t) : Professional punky r’n’r stuff from the east.
SLANG “Skills rhythm kills”-Straight up (JAP)-01 (13t) : Tough Hardcore’n’roll, move it!

V/A-LIVE AT CSA DIROKKATA (Chemical Posse, X-Rated, Cyb, Destitutes, Upsetting)-90’s (90mn) : Punk, rock and HxC show in an italian castle! 4€
HOW TO SKATEBOARD BETTER (25mn)-Thrasher (97) : Useful for kids who want to ameliorate their basic trips, teached by good pro skaters. 6€
TRICK TIPS (25mn)-Transworld (98) : Famous Powell pro skater Willy Santos teach us great tricks like 3-6 flip or backside tailslide on dreaming spots, cool tape. 7€

ZINE (2€)
HEY YOU! #9 : Madball/H2O, Lucrate Milk, Justice, MDV +++
THANX FOR NOTHING #3 (in English) : Madball/H2O, Reign Of Terror, Not Just Words Records +++ CD sampler

Si jamais y’a vraiment des gens qui lui achètent des trucs…Arretez de l’encourager svp, c’est pas lui rendre service…Vous savez c pas facile d’avoir des TOC tels que celui de poster sa liste de disques tout le temps, ne soyez pas cruels.


je te prendrais le migra violenta et tes nike quand on se verra

Attention c’est pas ceux du 95 !

chez calif c’est mieux

tu devrais en profiter pour vendre tous tes disques d’eurocore plutôt que de te plaindre tout le temps que t’es pauvre