Said And Done looking for a show on 15/16 August


With Said And Done we’re looking for a show in France in August. For the people that never heard of us, we’re influenced by bands like Cro Mags, Leeway, Maximum Penalty etc. More info: and A recent interview (by Simon from Money Time) can be found here:

Last year we played Rennes (a.o.) and we had a blast, so it would be great if we could play France again. We’re playing Switzerland on the 14th, so somewhere close to that on the 15th (Paris maybe?) would be great. The 16th can be pretty much anywhere in France.

If anyone can help us out, or know people that might be able to help us out, please get in touch! Any contacts are appreciated!

Hope to hear from you all.

Au revoir,

PS > For those who are interested: Some Will Never Know #2 is in the works.

Nabil, tu voulais toujours une date à paris le 15?
Si oui je fais tout groupé.

Nous allons essayer de faire ça avec A Bridge to Many et Unveil

Ca pourrait grave le faire!

yes j’ai eu l’arabe au téléphone et j’ai contacté said and done

And I just mailed you back, thanks a lot for getting in touch!

We’re still looking for a show somewhere close to Paris on the 15th. We’ve got the 16th covered (Belgium).

If anyone can help us out, please get in touch!

up the punks !

If anyone can help us out anyway, anywhere… Get in touch! We’ll play anywhere. A garden (jardin right?), a house show (maison), anything!