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Dear Booker / Promoter,

San Andreas is an emo-core band from The Netherlands. In Februari they released their debut cd on Squash Records. This cd is out via Sonic Rendezvous and Century Media in other country’s as germany, belgium, luxemburg, france etc. They toured through the U.K. in the last week of February 2005 and it was successful.

Due to the success of this tour they immediately arranged their second visit to England. July 2005 was chosen for their longest tour so far. During a period of three weeks the band played in every corner of the UK and even Scotland for one day. As support-act of well known English bands and as headliner at open-air festivals too they played at 22 venues. In september 2005 they do again an England tour for a week. Many venues in Holland choose San Andreas to be a support-act of well known Dutch bands such as Green Lizard, Face Tomorrow, Malkovich and Razor Crusde, Dreadlock Pussy and The Maple Room. At this very moment they’re producing the first video for the single « It’s Always you » from their debut. During April and May 2005 they started the shootings and new recordings of the single and it’s B-side. With this video they’re aiming on airplay on the Dutch music channels too and maybe more… Release is planned for end of october/begin november 2005.

You could check San Andreas out on / . A 5 minutes compilation movie of their past 3 weeks tour through the u.k. The whole movie is almost live shots:

I send you this email, because i’ve making a list with plans for tours for the upcoming months. And i’m looking shows in country’s as Germany, Belgium, Italy and Switserland.

First of all, i’m looking for a show in Belgium/ Germany at 16 december. The day after they will play on the Fuck Christmas Festival (with o.a nme-mine, waterdown, union youth tribute to nothing and more) in Hamburg.

Then a Januari/Februari 2006 tour. This throught belgium, luxemburg, germany, switserland and france.
Fr 27 jan - Venlo, The Netherlands @ Perron 55
Sa 28 jan - TBA
Su 29 jan - TBA
Mon 30 jan - TBA
Tues 31 jan - TBA
Wed 1 feb - TBA
Thurs 2 feb - TBA
Fri 3 feb - TBA
Sa 4 feb - TBA

A tour through Germany/Switserland and Italy in march 2006.
Wed 1 march – Germany / Switserland
Thurs 02 march – Italy
Fri 3 march – Italy
Sa 4 march – Italy
Su 5 march – Germany / Switserland

After that they hopefull going to the USA, and planning shows in the rest of Europe again from the end of April. If you could do something for them on one of those dates somewhere, let me know! And if you could offer a show on other dates, let us know too, i’m almost sure it will work out.

Met vriendelijke groet | Best regards,
Danny Kruithof

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