Sweet Empire - September 2011


We’re Sweet Empire, a punk rock band from Holland.
People say we sound like Descendents, Dag Nasty, The Loved Ones.
We will release our upcoming full length in September on Shield Recordings (NL) and will go on tour to support the release.
We are now looking for shows in France:

WE 21.9 – FR: Sout east - Grenoble / Dijon / Lyon or surrounding areas
FR 23.9 – FR - North - Paris / Lille or surrounding areas

We hope someone could help us out!?
Any help would be very much appreciated. We can do shows in return!
Check out more info and songs on:
http://www.sweetempire.nl - http://sweetempire.bandcamp.com



  • Jort

Support ! I’ll try to find something for you.
Have you asked the promoter I’ve told you about ?

Greg - Fast Motion

Yes, I’ve sent them all a message…

Please guys! Help is much needed…
We can do gigs in NL in return

We’ll play Cafe Le Montmartre (Paris) on September 23rd.
Still looking for somewhere to play in south/east France on September 21st…
We’d really appreciate all help possible, so thanks lots already if you could help in any way!

By the way: download our stuff for free over here http://sweetempire.bandcamp.com