The Juliana Theory (RIP)

Break-ups: The Juliana Theory (1997-2006)

Abacus Recordings act, the Juliana Theory have called it a day. The band made the announcement on their myspace page, saying:

It’s a very sad moment for us. The time has come to say goodbye. This letter is the explanation and the official seal that the 5 individuals who have been known as The Juliana Theory are leaving the band behind. Yes, what we are saying is that we are broke up. There will be no final tour. Our last show was in Cologne, Germany on January 28, 2006.

We’ve always given 100 percent to this thing and it would be an insult to our fans and to ourselves to do it less than 100 percent because we would be spending most of our time making a living elsewhere. It’s easy when you are 19, living in your parents’ house, but when you’ve got bills to pay and people counting on you, real life hits you in the face. We are left with no other choice than to end the band. Like many of the bands that we looked up to when we started all of this, we die early and nearly forgotten. The dream is over. So there you have it: The honest truth.
A rather extended explanation is posted on the band’s website as well.

The band most recently released A Small Noise, a retrospective of material released while the band was on Tooth and Nail. That compilation collects material from albums released in that era of the band’s career during which time they released Emotion Is Dead and Music From Another Room before signing to Epic.

The band’s final record was 2005’s Deadbeat Sweetheartbeat, released through Paper Fist, the band’s own label, and Abacus.

Good riddance !

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