The Mars Volta-Live CD

On Tuesday, November 8th, The Mars Volta will be releasing « Scabdates », which will feature renditions of Volta tracks recorded live over the course of 2003-2005 touring in support of this year’s Frances The Mute and 2003’s De-Loused In The Comatorium, drawn out to their epic, endurance-defying lengths, making for a 74-minute sampling of the Mars Volta live experience, with packaging featuring the photography of longtime Volta collaborator Danielle Van Ark. Scabdates was assembled, produced and mixed by Omar A Rodriguez-Lopez. All music by Omar A Rodriguez-Lopez, all lyrics by Cedric Bixler Zavala, and performed by The Mars Volta. The track listing for scabdates is as follows:

  1. abrasions mount the timpani
  2. take the veil cerpin taxt
  3. a) gust of mutts
  4. b) and ghosted pouts
  5. caviglia
  6. concertina
  7. haruspex
  8. cicatriz
  9. a) pt I
  10. b) pt II
  11. c) pt III
  12. d) pt IV

excellent ! ça peut être bien sympa !