Timur Kacharava of Sandinista! (1985-2005)

In Memoriam: Timur Kacharava of Sandinista! (1985-2005)

Timur Kacharava of St. Petersburg, Russia’s Sandinista! was tragically murdered by a group of Nazis on November 13th.

The vocalist and activist was involved with Food Not Bombs and was killed after leaving an action in Vladimirskaya Square. His friend Max “Zgibov” Zgibai was also attacked and has been hospitalized with serious injuries.

Both were active anarchist organizers who volunteered at the Epicenter Infoshop and were members of St. Petersburg Food Not Bombs. Violent neo-Nazi skinheads are common throughout Western Europe, and frequently target immigrants, homosexuals, anarchists, and radical leftists.

Timur was a founding member of the St. Petersburg political hardcore punk band Sandinista! which formed in 2003. He was the musical leader, writing most of the music and playing lead guitar. In the Summer of 2005 Timur also joined the local d-beat hardcore band Distress. He returned to St. Petersburg from a Scandinavian tour with Distress just a few days before being murdered.

Our deepest condolences go out to Timur’s family, bandmates and friends.