tournee europeenne VOID SECTION

bon je transmets :

Hi there ,
How are you doing?! This is Björn from Five Days Off writing you…
I got a question for you.
I’m helping out our friends from Void Section (since 1989 on Funtime-records !!!) to put on their European tour,
we made up this schedule and wanna put them for a few dates in Spain.
So that’s why you get this e-mail.

Another e-mail will follow with more info from Void Section,
As for now I can recommand you to visit their website at,
Void Section is crazy-hard rocking-punkrockshows lot’s of energy and amazing musicions.
They sound like a mix between Green Day and Bad Religion and it’s one of the oldest
melodic punkrock bands around in Belgium.
(Did supports of Bad Religion, Offspring, Pennywise, Nofx, … to do some namedropping :wink:

Offcourse If you’re interested we want to send you a promo-package, so you can hear some songs,
get a full bio, …about them.
It would be cool if you could help us out with the booking for the
color=red show if you know some other people
that might can help us out with maybe other dates in Spain, or bands interested to do the show with them please do so…
Do you think you could help us out?!
Hope to hear from you,
This is the schedule we had in mind:

Take care,


[color=red]30 April: Paris (France)
[color=red]1 May: Tours (France)
2/5 : offday
3/5: Madrid (Spain)
4/5: Barcelona (Spain)
5/5: Zaragoza (Spain)
6/5: Burgos (Spain)
7/5: Oviedo - Gijon (Spain)
8/5: Bilbao-San Sebastian (Spain)
9/5: offday
[color=red]10/5: Toulouse (France)
[color=red]11/5: Lyon (France)
[color=red]12/5: Nancy/Strassbourg (France)
13 and 14 May: Germany