DVD live Bad Religion

Bad Religion
Live At The Pallidium DVD

Available: 02/20/06 - Europe
Available: 02/21/06 - US

This DVD features explosive live footage shot over two nights at the famous Hollywood Palladium that has been condensed down to one spitfire performance! This DVD also contains extremely rare content such as an acoustic piano version of « Cease, » in-depth interviews with all current band members discussing the band?s formation, evolution and career. You?ll also get never-before-seen live footage from the New Wave Theatre circa 1981-1983, a band photo gallery featuring new and vintage images of the bands, as well as a slew of music videos from the band!

Février ?? Foutage de gueule putain. Il sortira en même temps que Indiana Jones 4 et le live de Full Up.

« cease » au piano c american lesion :wink: c’est beau c’est l’amour entre hommes

bon c pas tout ça mais c quoi la setlist??? :slight_smile:

bah je l avais vu sur un forum mais impossible de la retrouver… peut être rafik pourra nous trouver ca. ca va être du 20 -26 morceaux ; )

j’aimerais bien voir « tested » ou « don’t sell me short » en live pcq elles sont qd mm magnifiques

ca va etre bon sa

Setlist officiel :

Sinister Rouge

No Control


Social Suicide

Los Angeles is Burning

Modern Man

Kyoto Now!

Stranger Than Fiction

Struck a Nerve

Let Them Eat War


Change of Ideas

God’s Love

Recipe for Hate

Atomic Garden

10 in 2010


Come Join Us

I Want To Conquer the World

21st Century Digital Boy


Fuck Armageddon…This Is Hell




American Jesus

Along The Way

Do What You Want

Only Gonna Die


trop bon :slight_smile:

DVD delayed again! - 29 November 2005
Their new “Live At The Palladium” DVD will drop on March 7th and it is stuffed with footage from two of their best performances ever – I saw them both of the shows and they blew me away! We may have a video sample for you real soon, so stay tuned.

US Rel. Date: 03/07/2006
EU Rel. Date: 03/06/2006


Le foutage de gueule continue :slight_smile: Il sortira en même temps que le DVD de NOFX prévu depuis 1999 :smiley:

et que l’album des guns prévu depuis 25 ans

et que Duke Nukem Forever (cassdédi renaud)

yeah, je l’ai attendu celui-la. :smiley:

mdr :smiley:

le trailer vient de debarquer… le dvd a l air excellent mais le trailer est vraiment naze…


et le prochain guns sortira en mars selon slash

Slash ??? Ca m’etonnerait vu qu’ils ne jouent plus dedans depuis un bout de temps et qu’il fait la gueule a Axl ! :tooth: Mais c’est prévu pour cette année ouais ! La bonne blague ! :wheelchai

si slash a fait la déclaration en disant qu il etait heureux de voir enfin cet album sortir même s il ne parle plus a axl depuis 10 ans et qu il particpe bien evidemment PAS au cd. il a déclaré tt celà au nme. http://www.nme.com

3d Realms ont annoncé il y a peu encore bosser sur Duke 4 ever hein… bande de mauvaises langues

Guns N’ Roses album ‹ out next month ›
Slash reveals all about ‹ Chinese Democracy ›

Guns N’ Roses’ long awaited album ‹ Chinese Democracy › is finally set to be released in March, according to former guitarist Slash.

The news comes just weeks after reclusive singer Axl Rose revealed that the band’s first material in 10 years was nearing completion.

Speaking about the release on Christian O’Connell’s Virgin breakfast show, Slash confirmed that the record is done and he said a « very official source » had already heard it.

He added: "Yeah its going to happen, I’ve been made aware it’s been heard.

« I’m really excited, it’s been a long time waiting to see what the next step around the corner was going to be for him (Axl), we know where everybody else is, but we were wondering what he was going to be doing. It’s coming out in March and apparently it sounds great. »

Tracks slated to appear on the 13-track album include ‹ Better ›, ‹ There Was A Time › and ‹ The Blues ›.

Although Axl and Slash have not spoken in the last 10 years, the velvet revolver guitarist said he was pleased that the record is finally going to see the light of day.

He added: "I’ve always been supportive over that thing, even though it’s been turned in to a big controversial blah blah blah thing.

« When I left I was pretty pissed off for having to leave in the first place. After a while all the boo-haha that was stirred and all the negative press, sort of went in his direction, so I’m just waiting for the record to come out, so I’m glad where it’s got to the point that that’s happening. »

L’album le plus attendu et le plus annoncé des 10 dernières années :slight_smile: