Once again I’m bothering you with stupid threads like this. Anyway I’m just suggesting that you could (admin/moderator) create a new section for foreign people like you have the concerts, hors sujet, main forum etc.
We had a messageboard with an english section and I think that it worked out quite well, eventhough there were not many foreigners. I don’t know if it’s too much to asked but I myself would really appreciate it because I can’t understand french and it is (or it was) really difficult for me to find the right place to write on.

Oh and by the way, I still am waiting for your e-mails about parisian punkscene ( I got few mails when I last wrote here and answered to those, but it would be fun to get few more)
And I’m really sorry if my english is worse than usual, but I’ve taken too many drinks tonight… :smiley:

but you are the first foreigner on the board !

and the only, so if u like to talk alone… it could be a goo idea to create a new section for foreign.
Good luck talking with yourself =)

Or u can talk with ME since I’m an american from Los Angeles!

and a good friend of many swedish international models… :smiley:

I want my own forum. One section just for me :sunglasses:

and maybe the reason why I’m the only one is that you don’t have a place for foreigners who cannot understand a word you say…

not a word? some guys from different places come around somtime and usually get around ok. They also usually start off saying their french sucks… lol
Im thinking of the Canadian guy from Freedumb records actually… :slight_smile:

anyway, I kinda doubt a specific section will be set up, but you never know. Also, this thread could become a sticky… (olaf ?)

People here can hardly speak french, so i can’t see the point in setting an english forum up :slight_smile: But nice idea.

Hey i’am a foreigner too, i want to be in the forum with justine !!
I’m from Pakistan !!


what’s the point in checking a forum in a foreign language ? (I mean a language you don’t speak )

not an inquiry, just curiosity …

edit : ok, I just saw the thread where you were looking for informations on the french punk scene. nevermind…

Hélo maï naïme ize Julien and aie laïke two tauque chitte :slight_smile:

goedendag spreek ik Nederlands rechtvaardig om debiel te zijn anders spreek ik Frans normaal…

Det er kraeftedme for meget det her, nogen som taler Hollandsk paa denne skide forum! Jeg maa heller representerer NORDIC PRIDE : Danmark er det bedste land i verden! :smiley:

Damned, I’m grillé ! :wink:

i am in the bilouc…

no niin. Voin minä teille suomeakin ruveta puhumaan, jos sitä välttämättä tahdotte. Ette te kuitenkaan ymmärtäisi niin.
Jag kan tala lite svenska men du kan inte förstor mig så att jag ska gå och sova nu…

I’m just trying to make all swedish and finnish people to feel more like home… truely an international forum :slight_smile:

das geht doch nicht mein fuhrer

fat rom wa suki desu.

I understand written swedish thank you very much! Sweet dreams ;), suomi is out of my league though :smiley:

Fuck you with your damned language, New England rules the shit