JR ewing est mort.

JR EWING : 1998 - 2006

We are truly sad to announce that by the fall of 2006 JR Ewing will no longer be a band. After 8 years we feel it’s time to move on. This has been a very hard decision for us, as we all love each others company and feel our music is as relevant today as when we started out in 1998. We hardly had any ambitions beyond playing a couple of shows for the hell of it, but it ended up being a life-altering experience that we feel very honoured and humble to have been a part of.

JR Ewing has been to over 20 countries in our time as a band, and we feel we’ve seen and experienced more in these 8 years than we expected to do in a lifetime. We’ve met an incredible amount of inspiring people who have encouraged us on our way, and made us feel welcome even when thousands of miles from home. Theres been so many people who have come out to see us everytime weve visisted their town, sung our songs, bought our records, and made us understand why were were doing this. Also, many of you have come up to us and told us how weve affected things for you, and thats something we will always remember. We cant thank you enough.

It’s hard to for us to explain what we’ve been trying to do with our music, but the one thing we know is that we have wanted to be challenging from day one. We have never compromised, even when it couldve made things alot easier for us, and that is what will make our music still mean something when its all over. We have tried to write about the things that has been occupying our minds, hoping that other people would understand what the hell we were talking about. We have not done what people have expected us to , and we’ve been unafraid of change. Repetition Is Failure.

Along the way it has been harder for the members involved to have the same agenda, especially when it comes to the touring aspect of being in JR Ewing. Being away from our loved ones for months only to return home to a pile of bills we couldn’t pay has proven to be a challenging ordeal, which can make any man unhappy.

We are still the best of friends and we will be hanging out until we’re old and in a wheelchair in some nursinghome, watching the videofootage we shot on tour while trying the drugs we didnt dare to do when we were young.

What now? Well, it’s not over quite yet. There’s a batch of shows that have been booked for a while which mostly includes festivals throughout the summer. We will be playing all of those, including the great Roskilde Festival in Denmark. We will also be playing some last shows in Norway in August/September, as well as a couple in central Europe.

We hope to see you all there, so we can make these last shows really count. We will be digging up some songs we haven’t played for quite some time, so we promise something for everyone.

Well, that’s it for now.

Thank you.


PS. Info on the upcoming shows will be available on http://www.thejrewing.com in the coming days and weeks.
PPS. We are working on a DVD. PLEASE send us an email (thejrewing@yahoo.com) if you have any videofootage of JR Ewing that we can use.


C’est la fin d’une grande dynastie…toutes mes condoleances à sa tendre épouse sue hellen…

Ct qd mm une bete d’acteur

SNIF !!!

En meme temps ça transpirait plus trop la passion ce groupe

Ahhh c’est que ca…
j’ai eu peur qu’il s’agisse de Larry Hagman… :online2lo

de toutes facons ils avaient style trop bizarre dans ce groupe, un rip pas trop regretté pour ca

merde c con…

moi j’aimais bien. si j’en avais je verserais même bien une petite larme!!

dommage, mais bon ils commancaient a faire de la grosse merde, donc c’est pas plus mal



hen la meta honte cynthia qui fait une phaute c’est le début du commancemant… euh de la faim !

En plus pendant un moment elle se la jouait style je te reprends car tu parle mal looool d’enfer :devil:

C’est la fin de la zick.

un groupe difficile a comprendre et a suivre, mais un bon goupe quand meme ! RIP snif

Meilleure nouvelle de la journée

Une etape de plus vers le retour du hardcore melodique!!!

il etait temps.

ah bon ?